Found Rifle/Shotgun Case at 50 Yard Range

Good Evening,   On Saturday 04/14/18 someone left a black hard-shell rifle/shotgun case on the 50 yard firing line.  We didn’t see any identification labels or such on the case.We did validate that it did not belong to the Boy Scout troop that was utilizing the range. I verified the case was empty and put it in the range shed. If it’s your case feel free to let me know ( and of course you can pick it up in the shed at the range.   Thank You, Jon Welters (

Airfield Shooting Club – New Website

Good Afternoon ASC Members, We’ve just transitioned the ASC website to a system that should be a bit easier to manage and keep running properly. A couple things you’ll notice: 1. The emails you receive are integrated and sent via a service called MailChimp. The service will be adding a small logo to the bottom of the emails. Please do not unsubscribe to emails sent to ASC-Announce. 2. The calendar is now a “Google Calendar”, that means if you are a google user you can add it in on your mobile device or google calendar on the web. If you’re not it works more or less the same as the previous one. 3. Notifications should come out faster from this version of the website then the previous one. 4. All ASC Members are subscribed to the flyer and our core membership list, however there are additional mailing lists available for matches and programs. You can sign up for those lists here. In the next month or so we’ll be working on updating the actual content of the website, for now much of it is imported from the old site. Match Directors and Board Members, you’ll be receiving a separate email …

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