Work Party July 13th

We are planning a work party on July 13th to start repairs on strengthening the ballistic wall. We will be adding 2x6s to both sides of the wall and also preparation for a cap on top of the ballistic wall. We will be securing these 2x6s with thru bolts at each post. We will need 1/2″ drills and boring bits for a 1/2″ carriage bolts. Saws will be needed for cutting the wood also. Some of the work will have to be done from a ladder or (scaffolding if anyone has any.) A generator or 2 and/or long extension cords will be needed. Please reach out to me if you will be able to attend and any specialty tools you may be able to bring. You can shoot me a text at 804-895-1278 or my email We will also be doing general cleanup and we have some target backers that can be made up also.   Cory ASC MO

Work Party Saturday still on

We are still having the work party this Saturday to build frames and pin tables. If you need your service hours this will be a good chance to get them. Screw guns, a table saw and chop saws are what we need. Also general hand tools will be needed. If the weather holds old we also hope to get the sidewalk and doors on the building cleaned. See you all there. Cory

Work Party Sunday November 5th

On Sunday Nov 5th we will be holding a work party starting at 9am to make repairs to the range. The primary focus will be to clear as much brush from the berm that separates the 100 and the shotgun range and the drainage ditch by the shotgun ranges. We will be building frames for the SRB, 25m and 50m. Also, we need to replace the removable shooting rails for the 100. General carpentry tools, chop saws and table saws will be needed for building the target frames. If someone has a router and a roundover bit that would be a huge bonus for building the removable rails at the 100. For clearing the berm, we will need chainsaws, pole saws, pruning tools and/or loppers. If anyone has any specialty equipment or tools, ie tractor with grapple or a 4 way bucket, that would be a huge bonus. We plan on renting a chipper shredder to mulch all the brush removed. Please wear some kind of boots, gloves and safety glasses if you plan to do any kind of cutting or sawing. If we get the new target backers in by the work party date, we will need the target …


Save the date! The contractor work on the range is coming to an end. The 50 and SRB are looking better and better everyday. Now its time to schedule our work. Next Saturday, May 13th, at 9:30 we will have a major work party in order to get the ranges ready to open. Plan to come out and help. We have a ton of work to do and the ranges will not open until the work is complete. A portion of the work includes all new frames (many more, hint, hint) digging frame holders, and clean up. Another post/email will be coming soon with more information in tasks and equipment we’ll need.

4/22 Work Party

The work party this Saturday is full. Please do not send any further responses. If you responded, thank you for volunteering! If you have not received an email directly from me, your attendance is not needed. Only the 3 members notified will receive service hours. Art Schoner ASC MO

Work Party on 4/22

Want to knock out two birds with one stone (no pun intended?) You can get an early jump on your service hours and check out the condition of the ranges Saturday. Wes Norton will be running a 2-to-3-person work party to transfer birds from the Conex to the skeet houses. Wes will provide the access, transportation of the birds, everything but the lifting/carrying. If you’re interested, send me an email at The first 3 members to respond, get the hours. Meet Wes at 9:00 Saturday 4/22 at the 50-yd range. Art Schoner ASC MO

Sunday April 2 Work Party Update

No one has informed me that they will be bringing a chipper/shredder tomorrow. The 4-H Center has one we can borrow, but the current maintenance staff has no idea what condition its in. So, if you pride yourself as a mechanic and want to give it a try, bring your tools and supplies. We’ll see if it’ll run if no one shows up with their own chipper/shredder. See you tomorrow at 1:00 PM, Art Schoner ASC MO

Work Party and Range Repair Update

Range Repair Update In Phase One, the lead remediation company is scheduled to arrive and begin work on Wednesday April 12. Their work should take one week. Phase 2 includes rebuilding and expanding the SRB, as well as work on both the 50 yd and 100m berms. If all goes well, phase 2 will begin immediately after Phase 1 is completed. Phase 2 should take 2 weeks. I’m going to close both ranges from April 12 until May 10 to account for any delays, including, but not limited to our variable spring weather. As the times approach and the work progresses, I will keep everyone informed and update the calendar. Hopefully the work is done before May 10, but I’d hate to have something scheduled and then not have the ranges available. Unless I post otherwise, the shotgun fields will be closed during the week while work in in progress for the workers safety. The shotgun fields SHOULD be open on the weekend. Work Party It’s also time for a spring-cleaning work party and for us to clean up the vegetation on and around our berms. We will be giving the wall its annual coat of sealant. If anyone has, …

Additional task added to the work party this Saturday

This Saturday in addition to new bowling pin tables and Target stands we will also need help with the preparation of new Target backers taping hole punching and inserting the grommets. There are approximately 75 backers that need to be prepared so there will be plenty to do

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