ASC Virtual Training Class

Fellow members, please join us for virtual training on Gun Storage.  Maybe you are new to shooting or perhaps you want to learn about some of the pros and cons about different storage options you were considering.  Stop in to our virtual classroom and get some sound advice from ASC’s Chief Instructor Scott Sampson. When: April 21st Time: 7:00 PM Where: See ya there!  

RSO Requests

ASC Members, We’ve got some pending events where RSO’s are needed. If you are interested in volunteering as an RSO for one of these events please email DATE NAME CONTACT PERSON TIME RANGE RENTAL 08/03/19 Bob Groves Coaching Bob Groves 2 – 4 PM Trap 08/31/19 Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Brooke Hayes 4 – 6 PM 50 Yard, shotgun 09/07/19 Bob Groves Coaching Bob Groves 2 – 4 PM Trap 10/05/19 Grace Presbyterian Church Jamie Wakefield 2 – 4 PM 100 Yard, shotgun 10/05/19 Peninsula Community Church Bryon Guinsler 10 AM – 12 PM Shotgun 10/19/19 Bob Groves Coaching Bob Groves 2 – 4 PM Trap

Service Rifle & Zombie Match, Saturday, 13 October 2018

The range will be full of Boy Scouts working on their rifle marksmanship and shooting sports, but the 100-yard range will be open for the Service Rifle / Zombie Match this coming Saturday. Now that the weather is cooling off, it should be a good time. So make your plans and join us on the range at 8?30am for the Safety Brief and start of the first relay. Open to the public ($5 members, $10 non-members).

September Service Rifle Results

The Service Rifle match continues to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am (after the range safety and orientation briefs). The cost is $5 for ASC members, and $10 for guests. Anyone is welcome to participate—even those who don’t have the tradition M1 Garand or M-1903 Springfield. The next match is scheduled for 13 October 2018. SERVICE RIFLE MONTH SCORE X-HITS RIFLE TYPE Jack, Raymond SEP 286 6 Match AR-15 Swisher, Ian SEP 279 5 Scoped AR-15 Swisher, Ian SEP 278 8 Scoped AR-15 Orr, Rob SE) 248 1 M1A Johnston, Vincent SEP 204 1 M1 Garand


Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church has rented the 50 Yard and Skeet Ranges for Saturday, 1 September 2018 from 4:00—6:00pm. ASC is looking for Skeet Range Qualified RSOs along with RSOs to serve on the 50 Yard Range. RSOs should report at least 30 minutes prior to the event, and be able to assist 4-H Center personnel to set up, provide the safety brief and range orientation to the participants, and ensure safety standards are conducted according to ASC Range Rules. This is a great way to get some service hours. If you’re interested contact:  

July Service Rifle Match Results

Ten participants showed up to a beautiful morning of shooting. The M1 Garands and a few M1903s took the day! The Service Rifle and Zombie Matches are conducted on the second Saturday of each month, starting at 8:30am. Members and non-members are welcomed to participate. SERVICE RIFLE MONTH SCORE X-HITS RIFLE TYPE Swisher, Ian JULY 256 1 M1 Garand Swisher, Ian JULY 233 1 M1 Garand Mullin, Dale JULY 222 2 M1903A3 Johnston, Vince JULY 218 2 M1 Garand Tacke, Steven JULY 218 1 M1 Garand Bolze, Courtney JULY 213 1 M1 Garand Paterson, Jonathan JULY 162 1 M1903A3 Metzgar, Greg JULY 106 0 AR-15

June Service Rifle and Zombie Match Results

Perfect weather and a threat of Zombies brought a large crowd of participants to the ASC 100 yard range for the monthly Service Rifle and Zombie Match. If your rifle has been gather dust, it’s time to get get out and run some rounds down the barrel! The match is held on the second Saturday of each month and is open to both ASC members ($5) and non-members ($10). SERVICE RIFLE MONTH SCORE X-HITS RIFLE TYPE Lane, David JUNE 258 0 AR-15 Swisher, Ian JUNE 253 1 M1 Garand Tacke, Steven JUNE 239 2 M1 Garand Tacke, Steven JUNE 212 0 AR-15A4 Slee, Jim JUNE 178 0 M1903A3 Slee, Jim JUNE 153 0 M1 Garand Bolze, Courtney JUNE 116 1 M1 Garand Wright, Andrew JUNE 108 0 Raab, Christian JUNE NO SCORE ZOMBIE MATCH MONTH SCORE RIFLE TYPE Lane, David JUNE 53 Modern Helm, Tyler JUNE 8 Modern

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