One Person Needed for a Work Party

We are in the process of installing a cell phone repeater to provide emergency cell phone service to rifle/handgun range area. We need one volunteer who is comfortable, and capable of, working in tight spaces. The work involves entering the restroom building attic to install the electronics and an interior antenna and also running a cable to the far end of the building. (The air handler and ducting are up there making things a little tight.) Work will start at 10:00 Saturday morning and we should be done within 2 hours. If you are interested, please send me your name and phone number in an email at

XO’s Resource Survey

As XO, I’m responsible for range maintenance, organizing work parties, and managing any new construction projects. For future tasks I’d like to be able to save club funds and do things in house to the largest extent possible. This will also help enable members to fulfill their service hours requirements. In order to facilitate this, I’m trying to gather and organize some data about our members. I’d like each member to complete the survey linked below to provide information on: Skills: Please list any professional or personal skills you have. Please be liberal with your responses. Things I’m looking for include, but are certainly not limited to, tradesmen, surveyor, draftsman, and heavy equipment operator. Equipment: Please list any uncommon equipment you have that might help in any of our projects. While many of us may have a manual post hole digger, a power post hole digger is the kind of tool I’d like to know about. If you have any heavy equipment or tractors, please include them as well. Items like box blades and backhoes should be listed in the accessories/attachments. Even if you feel like you don’t have anything to detail, please take the survey. I’d like to get …

Work Party Results

Thanks to the hard-working crew of 19 members who showed up and worked hard to get the range cleaned up and the new backers ready for use.  A special thanks to Jim Manning for buying the crew lunch.  Check out their work next time you visit the range. Art Schoner ASC XO

Be Patient!

Please Be Patient! I have received multiple emails asking about canceling the work party this Sunday.  I am aware that the weather forecast for Saturday is horrible.  But long term, and recent, experience has shown that while it may be spot on and rain all day Sunday, it could also change.  I will post a go/no go notice Saturday sometime afternoon after returning from the bowling pin match.  Please check the website if you haven’t received an email as the website updates immediately, but the emails can take a while. Art ASC XO

Fall Clean Up Work Party -Correction

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  But now that the trick-or-treating is done, it’s time to get ready for the next major event, the Fall Clean Up Work Party!  It’s scheduled for SUNDAY November 7th at 9:30. Don’t forget Day Light Savings Time ends that morning so we fall back one hour. We’ll be cleaning up the 50 yd, 100 m, and side berms, as well as general range clean up.  Hopefully, we’ll also have new backers to grommet with our new grommet press.  So come out and help beautify your club’s ranges and get your service hours in.  Please bring string trimmers, chain saws, brush cutters, open utility trailers, and whatever other tools you have that may help.  Don’t forget your PPE. I apologize for my inability to get the details included, and then correct.  (Subconsciously, I think this was a method to bombard everyone with emails in order to get as many members as possible.)  Again, sorry for the fiasco! If you have any questions, email me at

Save The Date

No!  No one is getting married!  We’re having another work party on Sunday November 7.  To minimize range down time, we’ll get started at 9:30.  We’ll be doing range and berm maintenance.  So, bring string trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, or just yourself and a good pair of gloves.  If you have an open utility trailer, bring that as well.  We’ll be hauling off the brush we cut down.  Both ranges will be closed until the work is done. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at See you at the range. Art Schoner ASC XO

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