Please remember to check the calendar prior to heading to the range as 4H Summer Camps are now in session for the next 8 weeks. We cannot be anywhere on the ranges while the campers are there. Art Schoner ASC Pres.

Range Road Closure

The road to the range will be closed on Tuesday April 23 at 6PM. The culverts under the roadway at the swamp/beaver dam area will be cleaned out. Work will be completed that evening and normal access to the range will resume Wednesday morning. Art Schoner ASC President

Hokies Giving Day

For 24 hours, Hokies around the world will come together in support of what they love about Virginia Tech. That means AIRFIELD, of course! Summer camp, school field trips, conferencing and more. It’s the Natural Place to Be! Use this link to contribute to Airfield! WE ARE LIVE …until noon tomorrow 2/22/2024. Thanks for your donation! Kathy Dr. Kathy Guindon Executive Director Airfield 4-H Educational Center 15189 Airfield Rd. Wakefield, VA 23888

Gun Show Volunteers

Looking for a way to get your volunteer hours somewhat painlessly? Volunteer to work at a gun show and get to meet prospective members and talk to them about the things you enjoy about the club and why you find it a worthwhile investment. You will also have the opportunity to walk the show and meet other exhibitors, find good deals on guns, ammunition, and paraphernalia. There are 7 shows every year. Four at the Hampton Convention Center, January, March, September, and November and three at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, February, April, and October. They are held on a weekend so it would be for a Saturday or Sunday. If this sounds like something that you would be willing to do. Send an email to Gary Wyse ( and ask to be placed on the Gun Show volunteer list. You will receive an email advising everyone on the list of the next upcoming show. Respond quickly as it is based on a first come, first served basis. All efforts are made to allow people who have not worked previously to be offered the first choice. There are several shows in the Richmond area every year that the club would …

Road Improvements

If you’re headed to the range tomorrow for the defensive shoot, you’ll notice some work has been done to improve the road to the range. A truckload of asphalt millings has been applied to the roadway. I’m not sure how much of the roadway is covered, but we’ll find out tomorrow. I did not what anyone being startled the next time they went to the range. Art Schoner ASC President

Instructor Opportunity

The Airfield Conference Center is looking for one or two volunteers to help them to teach shotgun to young folks. Most of the work would take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during their summer camp season. Other opportunities to teach shotgun would be at special events and perhaps during events where someone rents the range and would like instructor assistance. Any of these instructor services which you might provide to the Center will count toward service hours with ASC. If you meet their criteria, instructor training is available. The 4-H Shotgun Instructor training includes an online session and two days of in person training. If things go as planned, the in-person training would take place at Airfield. Contact Dale Mullin ( if interested.

Saturday (Oct 7) Activities

The center’s work party tomorrow is a rain or shine event. If you’re attending, be prepared to work in the rain/wet conditions. The Pin Match decision will be made last minute. If it’s raining in Wakefield in the morning, I’ll post a cancellation on the website and FB. Otherwise, I’ll assess the conditions when I get out there. If the match is cancelled, I’d like the pinheads to crash the Center’s work party to help get that work knocked out. I hope to see you tomorrow at the range. Art Schoner ASC President/Pinhead-in-charge this week.

Outdoor Wedding Cease Fire 4:00-4:30 Saturday 9/9

The center was just asked to request we have a cease fire from 4 until 4:30 during the ceremony. If you are out in the heat tomorrow afternoon, please take a half hour break during this time. I’ll try to get more of a heads up in the future. Let’s be good partners with the Center and do our best with this last-minute notice. Please spread the word tomorrow at the range as well. Thanks, Art Schoner ASC President

Board Meeting Change

Due to the loss of the wife of a long-time board member whose services will be held this Saturday, the board meeting has been changed to a virtual meeting. Any member desiring to attend can get the link by emailing me at Please include your member number. Art ASC MO

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