Instructor Opportunity

The Airfield Conference Center is looking for one or two volunteers to help them to teach shotgun to young folks. Most of the work would take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during their summer camp season. Other opportunities to teach shotgun would be at special events and perhaps during events where someone rents the range and would like instructor assistance. Any of these instructor services which you might provide to the Center will count toward service hours with ASC. If you meet their criteria, instructor training is available. The 4-H Shotgun Instructor training includes an online session and two days of in person training. If things go as planned, the in-person training would take place at Airfield. Contact Dale Mullin ( if interested.

Saturday (Oct 7) Activities

The center’s work party tomorrow is a rain or shine event. If you’re attending, be prepared to work in the rain/wet conditions. The Pin Match decision will be made last minute. If it’s raining in Wakefield in the morning, I’ll post a cancellation on the website and FB. Otherwise, I’ll assess the conditions when I get out there. If the match is cancelled, I’d like the pinheads to crash the Center’s work party to help get that work knocked out. I hope to see you tomorrow at the range. Art Schoner ASC President/Pinhead-in-charge this week.

Outdoor Wedding Cease Fire 4:00-4:30 Saturday 9/9

The center was just asked to request we have a cease fire from 4 until 4:30 during the ceremony. If you are out in the heat tomorrow afternoon, please take a half hour break during this time. I’ll try to get more of a heads up in the future. Let’s be good partners with the Center and do our best with this last-minute notice. Please spread the word tomorrow at the range as well. Thanks, Art Schoner ASC President

Board Meeting Change

Due to the loss of the wife of a long-time board member whose services will be held this Saturday, the board meeting has been changed to a virtual meeting. Any member desiring to attend can get the link by emailing me at Please include your member number. Art ASC MO

Range Updates and Housekeeping

Range Updates: 1) The 100m range is now open for vehicular traffic, when appropriate. Be smart! If its wet, or soft, you probably shouldn’t be driving down there. If you make the wrong decision, and leave ruts, or otherwise damage the range, you’ll probably be asked to make it right (in one form or another). 2) The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that was located in the sign-in shed was recently relocated adjacent to the steps on the 50 nearest the 100m range. This was done at the request of the Center, in order for them to have access while using the range. If you open the range, please check to make sure it’s still inside. Housekeeping: Last year, the club placed a quality first aid kit and quality trauma kit in the sign-in shed. If you get a minor cut or scape and need something from the first aid kit, please use whatever is required. Afterwards please notify the MO ( of all supplies and/or equipment used so they can be properly restocked. There is little worse than going to a first aid kit in need and finding it depleted. If you require the trauma kit, render assistance following the …

Independence Day Pin Match

Just a quick reminder that we will have our July pin match this Saturday July 1st. Set up begins at 9:30 AM. Sorry this is nowhere near as verbose, or eloquent, as Steven’s posts. But he’s unavailable and won’t be there Saturday. Not sure what we’re up to? Check out a desciption of our matches at The rules are at I hope to see you there Saturday morning. Art Schoner ASC MO and Assist Chief Pin Head

Volunteer Needed 6/24/23

4-H is asking ASC for some volunteer help with the 4-H Southeast District Shoot. (Saturday, 24 June) They’ve asked for seven (7) volunteers. Five of those volunteers will be helping with the rifle firing line, which includes both the 50 Yard and 100 Meter ranges. Two of the volunteers will be helping with the archery competitions. The shooting is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. and will continue until approximately 3 p.m. Volunteers should report at least 15 minutes before the firing begins. They can check in with Jim Manning, who will be on the rifle firing line. I will act as a point of contact and I plan to accept the first 7 volunteers. E-mail – Cellphone – 757-647-6994

Range Status and Much More— Make Sure Your Read

The Black Flags are Down! The work on both of the ranges is completed. The 50-yard and 100-meter ranges are open for normal operations. Thanks to a few very hard-working members we were able to complete the frame holders (PVC) at 15’, 20’.30’, 25,and 50-yard distances. Lane 10, in front of the south wall of the SRB is permanently closed and should never be used under any conditions. Lane 11, immediately to the right of 10, is restricted for use only during rimfire challenge matches. The reconstruction of the SRB has allowed us to improve the capability of the range. One of the areas that we have improved is the leveling of the ground between the firing points and the berm. Because of this, we can use the same size frame for all distances. As a result, we will be adding more PVC pipe in the ground to accommodate different shooting standards. With the modifications we have changed the rules for the SRB, which only allowed shooting at certain distances to now allowing Target Frames to be placed anywhere there is PVC pipe in the ground. With the SRB, you are reminded to pay special attention to where your round …

50yd and 100m Range Status and Work Party Part 2

The 50 and100 are currently closed. The contractor has not finished putting the facing wood on the concrete block on the SRB. That should be completed Monday afternoon/evening. The 50 (including the SRB should open Tuesday morning. But be aware that the 4-H center will be training their counselors Tuesday and Wednesday. When they are finished the 50 will be available with VERY limited selection of target placement. There are 4 or 5 frames available at 15 feet, and one point with a frame available at 25 and 50 yards. The grading/seeding and strawing is complete on the 100. The only thing left to do there is place pipes for the target frames. We plan to rent a mechanized multi-purpose device that has an auger attachment, this Saturday to dig the rest of the holes. This work party will begin at 9:00 Saturday may 20th and run concurrently with the board meeting. We need members with transfer (flat ended) shovels, garden rakes, and wheelbarrows. Now to address one of the most misunderstood details of the work that has been done: There will be NO (zero, zip, nada) topsoil placed on top of the granite screenings on the 50. These screening …

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