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Bowling Pins

Bowling Pin Matches are fast paced, close range handgun competitions that place a premium on accuracy and reliable equipment and ammunition.  We shoot the matches at retired bowling pins purchased from bowling alleys after they have reached the end of their useful life.  The pins react randomly, particularly to off center hits.  Thus accurate bullet placement is important.

The sport originated as a demonstration of the effectiveness of Second Chance body armor.  The owner of the company, Richard Davis, made a videotape where he shot himself with a handgun into the body armor. To prove that he used live ammo, he then shot some bowling pins off a table.

All shooters are welcome to the Airfield Shooting Club matches.  Please check our competition calendar for upcoming match dates.  Our basic rules and classifications are listed below.  For specific questions, you can contact our match director, Steven Gordon. (Contact Us)

Bowling Pins Rules and Information


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