Board of Directors

President: Ray Covington president at
Vice President Tim Drewry vp at
Provost: Mark Fitzmorris provost at
Executive Officer: Art Schoner xo at
Secretary: Colleen F. Caswell secretary at
Assistant Secretary: Mike Lawler mike.lawler at
Treasurer: Kirk Culpepper treasurer at
Webmaster: Jon Welters webmaster at
Director Tom Sanford Tom.Sanford at
Chief Instructor: Scott Sampson instructor at
Shotgun Director: VACANT shotgun at
Director: Richard Vaught Richard.Vaught at
Director(Shotgun Comp): Richard Sutton richard.sutton at
Director(Grounds): Chuck Allard chuck.allard at
Newsletter Editor: Don Aubuchon Editor at
Director: Dale Mullin dale.mullin at
Guns Shows: Gary Wyse pr at
Defensive Pistol Match: VACANT defensivepistol at

** Note: The email addresses above have the @ replaced with at. To use the email addresses simply switch out at with @.
For Example: example at would be

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