NSSA Skeet Shoot – on 21 – 23 October.

The semi-annual NSSA registered skeet shooting competition will be held at the Airfield Shooting Club on 21 – 23 October. The competition will have four (4) categories (guns):  12 Ga, 20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410 bore, and Doubles. There will be a cash prize for first place in each category. The cost is $25 per gun. In order to participate you please notify intent to shoot (day, gun, etc.) and be a member of NSSA.  Walkups are subject to waiting and possibly shifting to Sunday or Monday. On the day of the shoot you will need: 1.    Cash or check for $25 for each gun. Checks are to be payable to Airfield Shooting Club 2.    NSSA membership card. You may join the NSSA at the shoot, the yearly membership is $30.00 3.    Classification Sheet. The competition will allow mixed guns each day so you may compete on any of the 3 days.  Once we have all shooters sending their preferences, a draft schedule will be made available to all. Ties for Gun Championships will be decided by long runs from the front or back whichever is longer. Email day(s), gun(s), NSSA number and address to: jmlester2288@gmail.com Additionally, if anyone needs …

Saturday May 13 Work Party

I’ve just been given the green light for the work party Saturday and the materials are ordered. We will be: Moving materials from the 50 yd shelter to the rear of the SRB, laying out and installing target frame pipes, building new target frames, and generally clean-up of both ranges. The tools we will need include: drill/drivers (torx bits), miter saws, table saws, circular saws, post hole diggers (powered and manual), pressure washers, surface cleaners for pressure washers, wheel barrows, leave blowers, and transfer shovels (flat edge). So, bring your work gloves and work ethic, we’ve got a lot to do. See you Saturday at 9:30. Remember, the black flags stay out unless the work is completed! Art Schoner ASC MO

Bowling Pins!!!!

No! It’s not time for our first match, but if you’re a pin head and live in the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area and want to get ready for our season (starting June 3), meet me and Steve at Bowlero Chesapeake Wednesday May 10 at 7:00 PM. We’re picking up another supply of pins, so bring your truck, trailer, or large SUV to haul them to Gordon paper for storage. If you’re not a pin head and want to help out and get service hours, come join us! The more the merrier. The address is 112 Medical Parkway East, Chesapeake, VA. No need to RSVP. Just show up, help out, and have a good time! Art ASC MO and Chief Pin Head 3rd Class

Do You Have a Tractor and Land Plane?

If you have a tractor and land plane and would be willing to use them to improve our club by performing some maintenance and repairs on our parking lots and interior roadway for service hours, please contact me at XO@airfieldshootingclub.org. If I get multiple responses, I’m sure we can use help again after the berm work is complete. Art Schoner ASC MO

NSSA Skeet Shoot volunteers needed – March 18-20

Up coming NSSA Skeet Shoot needs some volunteers experienced in skeet shooting We need someone to Pull and someone to Score for each day of the event on March 18th – 20th (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) If you have any experience in skeet shooting and pulling and or scoring, this is a great opportunity to help out the club and make a few service hours. Please contact: richard.sutton@airfieldshootingclub.org  

Additional task added to the work party this Saturday

This Saturday in addition to new bowling pin tables and Target stands we will also need help with the preparation of new Target backers taping hole punching and inserting the grommets. There are approximately 75 backers that need to be prepared so there will be plenty to do

Work party Saturday March 4th 9:00 a.m.

Work party Saturday March 4th 9:00 a.m. we will be building pin tables for the bowling pin competition preparing the new cardboard backers for use tape punch the hole installing The Grommet and building new Target stands. If possible bringing woodworking tools will help in speeding up the process. An easy way to get those last few service hours before renewing the annual dues   If you have any questions please contact the defensive shooting director Taylor Strickland at  strickland.taylor71@gmail.com   

One Person Needed for a Work Party

We are in the process of installing a cell phone repeater to provide emergency cell phone service to rifle/handgun range area. We need one volunteer who is comfortable, and capable of, working in tight spaces. The work involves entering the restroom building attic to install the electronics and an interior antenna and also running a cable to the far end of the building. (The air handler and ducting are up there making things a little tight.) Work will start at 10:00 Saturday morning and we should be done within 2 hours. If you are interested, please send me your name and phone number in an email at XO@airfieldshootingclub.org.

Volunteer Opportunity- Hampton Gun Show Nov 30th and Dec 1st

Looking to earn some service hours? The Airfield Shooting Club will have a booth at the Hampton Gun Show on Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st. We need at least 4 volunteers on Saturday and 2 more volunteers for Sunday. If you would like to help out and represent our club, please email the Gun Show Director, Gary at pr@airfieldshootingclub.org. There will be future opportunities to volunteer at gun shows, if interested, reach to Gary for details.

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