Airfield Shooting Club Range Update

Effective immediately, the Airfield Shooting Club is rolling back the Range COVID-19 Protocols. The range is fully open in accordance with the posted range rules. Our members are encouraged to wear masks and follow appropriate social distancing. The club will follow the governor’s order regarding social gathering limits.

Membership is Closed

The Airfield Shooting Club is currently NOT accepting new members at this time. If interested in becoming a new member, please email the club secretary for information regarding joining.

ASC Range Closed Effective 03/27/2020 PM

ASC Members, The ASC board made the difficult decision to close the range for access,and shooting by all members effective tonight 03/27/2020 when we will change the combinations to prevent access. The ASC board is carefully reviewing the overall situation with COVID-19 and will continue to assess the appropriateness of …

ASC 2020-2021 Club Renewals

Hello ASC Members. Your 2020-2021 renewal forms have been sent out. Most of you will receive it via email.  If you don’t see it, check your spam/ junk folder. Sometimes it gets stuck in there. A few of you will get it via U.S. mail. Should be a few days …