Labor Day Weekend Bowling Pin-a-thon

Gentle Shooters,

There is no longer a Labor Day weekend Telethon as there was in my youth, and no, we won’t tie up the range all weekend, In fact, If you intend to shoot bowling pins this weekend, then we need you at the idyllic Airfield Shooting Club range at 9:30 this Saturday September 2nd. You can review the rules here. For specific questions, please contact our assistant adjunct chief pinhead at See you Saturday!


Rimfire results for August, 2023

Airfield Shooting Club completed another successful 22LR rimfire bench rest match for August.   The rimfire match follows a modified American Rimfire Association rule format on the 50 yard line.  Next match for this year is scheduled in September, If you haven’t had a chance to test your shooting skills, here’s your opportunity.  See you at the 50 yard line!  Reserve your bench early!
Thanks everyone!  Tom Sanford

Trap an Skeet RSOs Needed Sept 23rd

We are in need of two RSOs for a Peninsula Community Chapel Mens Retreat.  I will need an RSO for the Trap Field and one for the Skeet Field.  It is anticipated to meet 3 service hours. The event will run form 10-12 but require 30 min setup and clean up on each side.

Each RSO is required to be qualified to open and operate the fields.  If you have a current combination and RFID card, you are qualified.

If interested please contact the Scott Sampson at

Thank you!


Board Meeting Change

Due to the loss of the wife of a long-time board member whose services will be held this Saturday, the board meeting has been changed to a virtual meeting.

Any member desiring to attend can get the link by emailing me at Please include your member number.


Dog Days Bowling Pin Shoot

Gentle Shooters,

The next installment of “How the Pins Fall” will occur this Saturday, August 5th at the newly renovated Airfield Shooting Complex in Uptown Wakefield. All of your friends will be there at 9:30, so don’t miss it. We are expecting much better weather. And we may even post scores after the match! New to Bowling Pin Shooting? See our information page. Specific Questions? Well good luck but sometimes our Adjunct Associate Chief Pinhead can help at See you Saturday


Defensive shooting match tomorrow Saturday July 29th

Defensive shooting match tomorrow Saturday July 29th weather looks to be clear but hot so please make sure if you are coming to dress appropriately there will be a water cooler full of ice water and I will have fans out there but we are expecting actual air temperature of 95° if you have pop-up canopies please bring them shade is our friend


I hope to see everyone out there tomorrow let’s go have a fun and safe day of shooting

Rimfire Challenge – 50 Yard Line Bench Rest

Thanks everyone!  Tom Sanford

Range Updates and Housekeeping

Range Updates:

1) The 100m range is now open for vehicular traffic, when appropriate. Be smart! If its wet, or soft, you probably shouldn’t be driving down there. If you make the wrong decision, and leave ruts, or otherwise damage the range, you’ll probably be asked to make it right (in one form or another).

2) The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that was located in the sign-in shed was recently relocated adjacent to the steps on the 50 nearest the 100m range. This was done at the request of the Center, in order for them to have access while using the range. If you open the range, please check to make sure it’s still inside.

Last year, the club placed a quality first aid kit and quality trauma kit in the sign-in shed. If you get a minor cut or scape and need something from the first aid kit, please use whatever is required. Afterwards please notify the MO ( of all supplies and/or equipment used so they can be properly restocked. There is little worse than going to a first aid kit in need and finding it depleted. If you require the trauma kit, render assistance following the procedures in the range rules.

We are a shooting CLUB. We are dependent upon volunteers to run the club and to help with maintaining and improving our ranges and facilities. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me (and the club) in the last 2 years by coming out to work parties. Unfortunately, there is a small core group of people that made most of the work parties and were responsible for the majority of the work. Please come out and help out at the next work party, given enough members, the work goes quickly. If you’re not careful, you may even find yourself having a good time and may even make a new friend or two! Can’t make the work parties? Contact the MO and let him know if you have any trade skills or hobbies that could be beneficial to the club.

The last thing I’d like to say here is thank Cory Allen for stepping up to assume the role as Maintenance Officer for the club as I move up to become president. I know Cory will do a great job. Please support him as much as possible. It’s a big job that only gets easier and better with help from members.

Thanks again for the support over the last two years. I hope to see you on the range.

Art Schoner
ASC MO/President Elect

July 29th defensive shooting match and debut of the two gun category

July 29th the next defensive shooting match and debut of the two gun category set up time is 9:00 a.m. Shooters brief is 9:30 followed by stage walkthrough

 because of the July Heat if you have a pop-up canopy that you can bring with you to the range please do so the stages have been designed so that if we can get enough pop-up canopies a covered singular firing line is possible to minimize time in the direct sun and Heat

If you have any questions please contact the defensive shooting director Taylor Strickland at


Stages are attached Here–> Defensive shooting match stages 7-29-2023

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