ASC Gate Combination Will Change Saturday, May 21st

The ASC gate combination will be changed after the May Board of Directors meeting. The new badges have been mailed out to members who have paid their renewal invoice and provided updated NRA if necessary.   If you have not seen your renewal, please check your junk folder. They were emailed out between April 3rd and 5th. Review your renewal form for the amount owed. If your NRA is marked expired, please email the Secretary,,  a copy of your current NRA card or NRA magazine label. Renewal Due Date You will have until June 1st to pay your membership dues and other costs owed to ASC. If you pay your membership dues after June 1st through August 31st there will be a penalty fee of $25.00. After September 1st, you will be required to re-join the club. This will include attending new member orientation, reviewing club rules and regulations, and paying owed back dues as well as the $50.00 initiation fee. Thank you Colleen

ASC Membership Renewals Delayed

ASC Members, due to an unforeseen technical issue, the Airfield Shooting Club Membership Renewals will be delayed this year. Renewals will go out by April 2nd. Please do not pay ahead of receiving your renewal form.  A notice will be posted when the renewals are sent to keep everyone informed. If you have not received a renewal form by April 15th, please contact the Secretary at The gate combination change will be delayed to allow time for mailing out new cards. Please continue to use your current card until we announce that the locks have been changed. Thank you for your understanding.

Club Elections on July 18th

The ASC Board of Directors needs you! It is time to vote in a new board of directors. We need you to attend the Airfield Shooting Club’s annual member breakfast and board of directors election on Saturday, July 18th and choose the future leadership of your club. Do you have ideas on how the club should operate, thoughts on a better renewals process, opinions on the newsletter? Do you have the time and feel you could make a difference?  Consider running for a position on the board of directors . Are you interested in range safety and maintenance? Handy with tools? The XO position might be calling for you! All positions are open during the yearly election.  Please contact the Secretary, if you would like to run for a position. ( Our election and breakfast will be held at the Airfield Center’s Gray Building dining hall, with breakfast being served at 8:30 a.m.  After breakfast, the ASC President and other Board members will address Club matters. We will then hold the election to choose the new ASC Board.  All active Members will be eligible to vote. ***RSVP to Jon Welters, ASC Webmaster, at by Saturday, July 11th. Breakfast is paid for by …

Leaving the range at end of day – close the 4-H gate

Please close the white gate (4-H) at the end of the day if you are the last member leaving the range. The combination for the 4-H gate is listed on your membership badge. If you have trouble with the lock, please close the gate and make sure it appears to be locked. There are concerns with illegal hunting on the property. The 4-H Center is open to employees only. Please do not go down to the center unless there is an emergency.  They have a sign posted and health check procedures in place.

Airfield Shooting Club Reopening Friday the 15th- Covid 19 Protocols

Dear ASC Members, The following protocols are being put in place by the ASC Board in an attempt to keep our members, their families, and our communities as safe as possible from infection by the Covid 19 virus. The Board will continuously monitor this situation and may modify these protocols as new information becomes available. 1) Members only, no guests, only spouse or immediate family member(s); i.e., sons or daughters will be allowed. 2) Everyone on ASC ranges is urged to wear a mask which covers nose and mouth. 3) Anyone who believes he/she may have been exposed to Covid 19 should avoid coming to the range for a period of at least 14 days after that exposure. If any symptoms are present during that time stay away until you are certain that you have not been infected. 4) Everyone using the ranges is expected to maintain a minimum of 6-feet of separation with anyone who is not a member of immediate family. 5) Occupancy restrictions for the ranges are as follows: 100-meter range – no more than 4 occupants at a time. 50-yard range – no more than 4 occupants at a time. Short Range Berm – no more …

Letter from Club President | Membership Renewals

Dear ASC Members, The ASC Board continues to monitor conditions with a view toward reopening the range as soon as we can. Below is an update on other related matters concerning the Club. Membership renewals – we have received some emails asking about dues and renewals due to the closure of the range. Accordingly, the Board has determined adjustments will be made as follows: 1. Service hours requirement will be adjusted and reduced at a rate of one half hour (.5 hr.) per month during the period in which the range is closed. 2. For current members: (a) The period for renewals has been extended to September 30, 2020. (b) Renewal penalties will apply for renewals on or after October 1, 2020. (c) On December 1, 2020, re-application will be required including paying initiation fees, etc. 3. For New members: (a) New member applications are not being accepted at this time and will begin again once the range reopens. 4. Future credit for dues paid by renewing members: (a) It is the Board’s desire that credit will be given and dues adjusted in the 2021-2022 renewals for the period in which the range was closed. (b) Please note that any …

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