Airfield Shooting Club Reopening Friday the 15th- Covid 19 Protocols

Dear ASC Members,

The following protocols are being put in place by the ASC Board in an attempt to keep our members, their families, and our communities as safe as possible from infection by the Covid 19 virus. The Board will continuously monitor this situation and may modify these protocols as new information becomes available.

1) Members only, no guests, only spouse or immediate family member(s); i.e., sons or daughters will be allowed.

2) Everyone on ASC ranges is urged to wear a mask which covers nose and mouth.

3) Anyone who believes he/she may have been exposed to Covid 19 should avoid coming to the range for a period of at least 14 days after that exposure. If any symptoms are present during that time stay away until you are certain that you have not been infected.

4) Everyone using the ranges is expected to maintain a minimum of 6-feet of separation with anyone who is not a member of immediate family.

5) Occupancy restrictions for the ranges are as follows:

100-meter range – no more than 4 occupants at a time.

50-yard range – no more than 4 occupants at a time.

Short Range Berm – no more than 3 occupants at a time.

Skeet Range – no more than 6 occupants at a time.

Trap Range – no more than 6 occupants at a time

6) Time limits: In order to share limited range availability, members and their family will be limited to no more than 2-hours on the range.  Only in the case where no-one is waiting to use the range may shooters spend more than 2-hours on a range.

7) Waiting area: In the event that occupancy of the range which you wish to use is already at the above limitations, members should wait well away from the firing line and maintain at least 6-feet of separation between non-family members.

8) Members are encouraged to bring their own pen to be used for sign-in and sign-out.

9) Disinfectant bottles have been placed inside each bathroom. Members who utilize the bathrooms are asked to spray down any areas which they may have touched. Just prior to leaving the bathroom members should thoroughly wash their hands using soap and water.

10) While these protocols are in effect they shall be considered to be range rules. Anyone not in compliance will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the club in accordance with the Bylaws

11) Club members acting as Range Safety Officers for any group which might rent a range from the Airfield Conference Center shall be responsible for enforcing these protocols with members of the group.  (Time limits for these groups shall be negotiated with the Conference Center.)

With these protocols in place we believe that we can maintain a safe environment for our members. Your cooperation will help to keep us all safe while allowing our members and their families to utilize the ranges.

/Raymond Covington/ Board President Airfield Shooting Club

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