ASC 2023 Member Survey

Hello ASC Members, As the year comes to an end the ASC would like to know what you think.. We kindly ask you to fill out this survey to help the Club and the Board to better meet your needs. >> ASC 2023 Member Survey << Survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone for participating. Completion and submission of this survey will count for 1 service hour.. To get credit for taking the survey please enter your member number in the email box Like this… Your Membership (ex; Thank You and Happy New Year!..  

Airfield Shooting and Country Club???

Mother nature has decided to add 2 pools to our ranges. The SRB side wall will now double as a lifeguard stand! Seriously, it got a little wet at the club yesterday. These pictures were taken at 1:45, in between bands of rain. You can see that 4 of the 6 layers of block are in place on the back wall of the SRB. MT2 is still processing the lead out of the soil. I haven’t heard from either contractor on when they think they’ll be able to return. I hope to get a realistic completion date later this week so I can plan the massive work party required to get our ranges back in operation. If you have a powered post hole digger, please let me know and include the size(s) auger you have for it as well. Art Schoner ASC MO

Berm Update and Shotgun Range News 04/16/23

Berm work will begin as soon as a CAT excavator can be delivered, hopefully, tomorrow morning. The range will be closed upon arrival of the equipment. If you want to risk it and feel you must get some rounds down range before the closure, do so at your own risk. Wes Norton or I will be onsite whenever the equipment is delivered and will immediately close the ranges by putting out the black flags on the 50 and 100. The ranges will remain closed until re-opened, after the work is complete. Let’s skip the discussion of what would happen if anyone were to use a range during its closure. I’m working the possibility of getting the work started on the SRB while the other work is underway, which would shorten the overall schedule. With concurrence from the MT2 project superintendent, the shotguns fields will remain open during this phase of the work. Art Schoner ASC MO

Berm Work Update 4/13/2023

More delays from our contractor. Work will not begin Friday or Saturday. Their crew leader will be showing up on site this weekend to assess the situation (mostly the condition of the berm materials). All ranges, except the SRB, remain open for the weekend. When he shows up, I’ll temporarily close each range as required for him to assess the conditions.

Women on Target June 8th, 2024

Our next event is:   June 8th, 2024 Cost: $75.00.  Fee is non-refundable unless approved by ASC Board. Fee includes: Use of loaner firearms, all ammunition, targets, instruction by NRA certified instructors and lunch. Attendance limited to the first 48 applicants. You MUST register to attend.  To register you must do TWO things (in order): Step 1 – Register on the NRA Website <here> Be sure to use your email and phone number that we can contact you at.  Details about the event will be sent to the email address entered at this site. Step 2 – If your registration on the NRA website was accepted and you were not put on the wait list in step 1, please pay <here>. Participants should choose “Class Fees” from the Purpose For Payment drop down.  The amount is $75/person. Please include participant(s) names in the Payment Description box when filling out the payment form. If it mandates an ASC member number just enter “9999”. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Sampson at What are you waiting for?  Come join the fun!

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