ASC Gate Combination Will Change Saturday, May 21st

The ASC gate combination will be changed after the May Board of Directors meeting. The new badges have been mailed out to members who have paid their renewal invoice and provided updated NRA if necessary.  

If you have not seen your renewal, please check your junk folder. They were emailed out between April 3rd and 5th. Review your renewal form for the amount owed. If your NRA is marked expired, please email the Secretary,,  a copy of your current NRA card or NRA magazine label.

Renewal Due Date
You will have until June 1st to pay your membership dues and other costs owed to ASC.
If you pay your membership dues after June 1st through August 31st there will be a penalty fee of $25.00.
After September 1st, you will be required to re-join the club. This will include attending new member orientation, reviewing club rules and regulations, and paying owed back dues as well as the $50.00 initiation fee.

Thank you


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