Return of the Pins

Yes Gentle Shooters,

We have returned to that time of year again where bowling pins fall prostrate at the hands of our marksmen. Your match directors have spent the last week together preparing for this match. Ok, well there was the matter of picking up a new Corvette, shooting sporting clays, some bourbon, and of course the evasion of traffic enforcement, not in any particular order mind you. But we did talk about the match. Well, it was more like we thought about it. Had we actually discussed it, we would have told you to be there by 9:30 on Saturday, April 6th at the Airfield Range in beautiful midtown Wakefield. We would have advised that while the rules have not changed and the range has not moved, you can find all of that super pertinent information at We also maintain an adjunct assistant chief pinhead to answer specific questions at

ASC 2019-2020 Club Renewals

Hello ASC Members.

Your 2019-2020 renewal forms have been sent out.
Most of you will receive it via email.  If you don’t see it, check your spam/ junk folder. Sometimes it gets stuck in there.
A few of you will get it via U.S. mail. Should be a few days depending on the U.S. mail.
If you have any problems or questions, Please contact

** Renewal Due Date **
You will have from March 31st to June 1st to pay your membership dues and other costs owed to ASC.
The ASC gate combination will be changed after the April Board of Directors meeting.
You will receive your new membership card and new combination after your invoice is paid.
Late renewals will be handled in accordance with the updated ASC By-laws.

If you are not renewing your ASC Membership this year, Please email the to let us know.

ASC Service Rifle & Zombie Match > March 9th Canceled

The ASC Service Rifle & Zombie Match for March 9th had been canceled..  Due to a scheduling conflict the match directory can not make it.
Range will be open to all members who want to shoot rifles, just no match this month.

Next match will be next month on the April 13th.. We apologize for the inconvenience, be safe and see you on the range!

Work Party – Saturday March 2nd

We will be building tables for the bowling pin competitions starting at 9:00am on Saturday, March 2nd. You will need.. circular saws, cord less drills / saws, Hammers and any other woodworking tools. If you have some free time this is a great opportunity to help out the club and make a few service hours before the end of the membership year in March.

If you have any questions… Please contact the XO ..

NRA Instructor/RSO Opportunities

We are in the process of updating our records and would like members that have NRA instructor/RSO ratings to let us know.  If you have a current NRA instructor/Coach or RSO rating and are interested in helping with training, please send an email to the Chief Instructor, Scott Sampson at and let us know what you have and general contact information.  We have some opportunities coming up and are looking for a few good trainers!  Thank you for your help!!!!!

Trap Instructors needed for Saturday, March 30th

The 4-H Center has asked us to help them out.  They have a group of men (10-15 people) who are interested in learning Trap. The event will be from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  If you are interested in helping these folks learn how to shoot Trap, please drop Chief Instructor, Scott Sampson an email letting him know you are interested and available.

Great way to get service hours. You can reach Scott at

Women on Target October 28, 2023

Our next event is:   Oct 28th, 2023

Cost: $75.00.  Fee is non-refundable unless approved by ASC Board.

Fee includes: Use of loaner firearms, all ammunition, targets, instruction by NRA
certified instructors and lunch.

Attendance limited to the first 48 applicants.

You MUST register to attend.  To register you must do TWO things (in order):

Step 1 – Register on the NRA Website <here>

Be sure to use your email and phone number that we can contact you at.  Details about the event will be sent to the email address entered at this site.

Step 2 – If your registration on the NRA website was accepted and you were not put on the wait list in step 1, please pay <here>.

Participants should choose “Class Fees” from the Purpose For Payment drop down.  The amount is $75/person. Please include participant(s) names in the Payment Description box when filling out the payment form. If it mandates an ASC member number just enter “999”.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Sampson at

What are you waiting for?  Come join the fun!

Range Closure 02/13/2019 – 02/14/2019

Pond Brothers will be repairing the wall between the ranges on Wednesday and Thursday (13-14th) of next week.
This of course will require the closing of both rages.  Hopefully the weather will hold and this will be completed on time.
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