Work Party – Sat. April 24 @ 10am

Work party… Saturday, April 24th, starting at 10am – until we finish… This is a maintenance and cleanup work party.. We will be doing; Berms on the 50m and 100m range, Rebuilding frames for the 50m and 100m ranges, Redo the wall with sealer, You will need.. Woodworking tools.. circular saws, cord less drills, saws, hammers, etc… Landscaping tools, shovels, picks, rakes, etc…  Painting / sealer tools… If you have some free time this is a great opportunity to help out the club and make a few service hours. If you have any questions… Please contact  or Contact here (Some Ranges will be Close during the work party… check with the XO)

4-H South East 4-H District Shoot needs (5) ASC Volunteers for June 26th

We are looking for 5 ASC Members who want to volunteer to help RSO for the 4-H SE District Match on Saturday, June 26th, 2021. They will assist on the 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges. If we have more than 5, then I can stagger the shift times and a few can assist with setup/teardown before or after the match. They will earn time for ASC service hours and it would really help the SC 4-H Swampshooters out. I know it is early, but I would like to know by mid May (5/14/2021). Please email Fletcher Duntan if you are interested in volunteering (fletcherdunton [at]

ASC 2021-2022 Club Renewals

Hello ASC Members. Your 2021-2022 renewal forms have been sent out… Most of you will receive it via email. If you don’t see it, check your spam/ junk folder.  A few of you will get it via U.S. mail. Reminder.. You have through June 1st to pay without penalty.  You can now pay digitally through the Airfield Shooting Club Payment Portal Go to… Please DO NOT include any NRA payments, it will delay your renewal. If you have any problems or questions, Please contact Please note that there has been a printer delay with receiving the new membership cards. We will mail them out to everyone who has renewed as soon as we receive them. The gate lock will not be changed until then.  

ASC Training Opportunity Defensive Shooting

Hello Members, It is time for another online web training session.  This online session will be scheduled for March 24th at 7pm. The discussion will be about Defensive Shooting.  Topics we will cover are: Sighting methods Where to point/aim How long to shoot At the prescribed time, please click on the link:

Work Party For Pin Shooting 7 March 1000 – 1500 hrs

A work party has been called to help prepare for restarting our Bowling Pin matches. Primary work will include building the tables for the pins, and general range prep. It’s requested that any Pinheads that are available attend and help out.   For information about the pin matches, or further information about the work required to keep them going you can contact  

Online Training Session Feb 25th at 7pm : Situational Awareness

Hello Fellow ASC Members! I am Scott Sampson the Chief Instructor at Airfield Shooting club.  I have decided to conduct small training sessions via the web.  I am hoping to conduct these once a month.  The sessions will last 30 min, maybe a little longer for some topics.  I will hold these during the week in the evening. To join the training session, all you need to do is click on the link below to join at the prescribed time.  I will be hosting the event, and for the majority of them I will be sharing PowerPoints and/or live video for demonstrations. WHEN: This first session will be held on Feb 25th at 7pm. TOPIC:  Situational Awareness Join us for a discussion on situational awareness.  We will cover Jeff Copper’s Color codes How situational awareness impacts your response to a potential or real threat Situational awareness strategies/rules to live by when you carry When it’s time click on the link below! See you online! Respectfully, Scott Sampson ASC Chief Instructor

NRA Grassroots Workshop – February 17th at 7:00pm

Good Day ASC Members, As many of you are aware, we continue to be in a fight for our 2nd Amendment rights.  While NRA, VSSA, VCDL continue to help battle those that would restrict our rights, it is up to us as individuals to help ensure that our politicians hear our voice.  The Institute for Legislative Action portion of NRA has set up a free workshop that you can attend online.  I attended the first workshop which provided helpful links to their web site and discussed how to deal with social media.  The email below from Lexy Higgins (NRA) describes the second event and its content.  Again it is free.  You can ask questions (due to number of folks and time, not all questions get answered while online, but they do promise to get back to you).   I was very impressed with how the first session went.  And no they didn’t ask for money or donations.  I hope you will join this online workshop.   Respectfully,   Scott Sampson ASC Chief Instructor #### Message below from NRA-ILA #### Join NRA-ILA for the second in a series of virtual grassroots workshops we are hosting in Spring 2021. This workshop will be focused on how to be an …

VA Legislative Activity January 21

One of our members asked if we could pass this along, doing so with the boards consensus: The Public Safety Committee of the Virginia House of Delegates will meet @9am Friday morning. Several anti-gun bills are on the agenda. The following link will allow you to see them and either sign up to speak via phone/computer or to submit written comments: Suggested comments from a VCDL alert when the bills were in sub-committee: HB1909 – School Boards are offices with adult workers in them, just like thousands of offices across the Commonwealth. It makes no sense to treat them as if they were a school with children in them. HB1992 – This bill expands the number of things that qualify as misdemeanor domestic violence beyond what the federal government uses to take away gun rights. There is no provision to restore rights in the bill and it would create a lifetime ban on gun ownership for a mere misdemeanor. From a gun-rights perspective under this bill, the person charged would be better off seriously harming the other person and getting a felony conviction, from which their gun-rights could eventually be restored. HB2128 – This bill could make a person wait …

ASC Email Changes and Bylaws Update

Some of you may have noticed our last email didn’t work quite right, after much testing it looks like the provider we were using was actively removing our links. We later found out that they suspended VA CDL’s service due to their political views. That being said we will be working on moving off from that platform rather quickly.   We will be attempting to simply host the mechanisms that send out email ourselves. What this means for you is: We will be sending email in a “newsletter” fashion, meaning each day if there is new information the website will roll that up and send it on out. The system will send 100 emails at a time, which means after posting an item to the site it could take a few hours for all members to receive it. Certain key emails may still be manually sent, but in general this new workflow is designed to avoid getting us blocked by spam filters and email security mechanisms. Please bear with us, we are making this change rather quickly due to a real need to get off from Mailchimp, as such we may experience some issues. If you notice anything or have …

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