Letter from Club President | Membership Renewals

Dear ASC Members,

The ASC Board continues to monitor conditions with a view toward reopening the range as soon as we can. Below is an update on other related matters concerning the Club.

Membership renewals – we have received some emails asking about dues and renewals due to the closure of the range.

Accordingly, the Board has determined adjustments will be made as follows:

1. Service hours requirement will be adjusted and reduced at a rate of one half hour (.5 hr.) per month during the period in which the range is closed.

2. For current members:
(a) The period for renewals has been extended to September 30, 2020.

(b) Renewal penalties will apply for renewals on or after October 1, 2020.

(c) On December 1, 2020, re-application will be required including paying initiation fees, etc.

3. For New members:
(a) New member applications are not being accepted at this time and will begin again once the range reopens.

4. Future credit for dues paid by renewing members:
(a) It is the Board’s desire that credit will be given and dues adjusted in the 2021-2022 renewals for the period in which the range was closed.

(b) Please note that any reduction in dues will have to be made in concert with the 4-H Center due to rent obligations owed to the 4-H Center (they receive one half of dues collected as payment of rent).

(c) Please further note that any reduction in dues must take into account long-term fixed cost obligations coming due at the range, such as lead abatement, erosion control, etc.

Again, we recognize the challenges and inconvenience this poses for everyone. However, it is also very important that we insure the long-term viability of the range.


/Raymond Covington/ Board President Airfield Shooting Club

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