Work party… Friday, June 1st 2018, starting at 9:00 am

We will be installing new posts for the front range gate.

Will be starting at 9:00AM and work until work is completed.
All the ranges should be open during the work, but the entrance maybe close temporally while we work.

We will need… digging tools, ropes, saws, hammers, squares, rulers, etc… and any other tools you can think of to install 2 large telephone poles
(also may need chains saws and equipment for clearing brush etc…)

If you have some free time this is a great opportunity to help out the club and make a few service hours.
If you have any questions, Please contact the Secretary at

** Note **
The club could really use a XO (Executive Officer). Our last one had to step down.
The XO, handles maintenance and security of the ASC range, property, and equipment.
He/she will also run the Work Parties.
If you have time and interested in filling this position (this is a board position).
Please contact the Secretary.


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