RSO Needed for Saturday May 12th – 50 Yard Range Boy Scouts (RSO Positions Filled)

ASC Members,

BST 12 will be at Airfield on Saturday May 12th, 2018 and have asked for an RSO for the 50 yard range from 9a-12p and from 1p to 4p that afternoon.

If you are interested in filling all or part of this request please reply to and let me know. Duties typically include providing an introductory safety briefing and ensuring the proper safe operation of the range as an RSO.

These are great opportunities to help out the club, and help us get young people engaged in the shooting sports ! If you have any questions about what’s required or what not please let me know.

My apologies for the short notice,  I had a reminder to send out the request last week however my schedule was overcome by events.

Thank You,

Jon – Webmaster ASC