Dog Days Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, How about attending a fun match this Saturday Morning. If you have never been to a bowling pin match, you have the opportunity to fix that this very Saturday, August 6th at 9:30. The matches are action packed and a lot of fun. Basically, you shoot full size bowling pins off a table with handguns at 25 feet with the shortest amount of time winning. There are reduced targets for .22 and we even shoot pistol caliber carbines. More information on the matches can be found here. The match is at the Airfield Shooting Club range in Wakefield. For directions, see our about page. For specific questions about our match, please email our resident adjunct chief assistant pinhead at See you Saturday, Steven  

Freedom Bowling Pin Match Results

Warm and Gentle Shooters, It definitely was the Fourth of July weekend at the range and shall we say the temperature didn’t disappoint. Regardless, out intrepid shooters fired 235 strings today with a large number of five gun competitors. I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a shout out to one of our original match directors, Cort Tompkins, who dropped by today to shoot the match. We have five Saturday’s in July, meaning you have an extra week to practice (or get enough gunpowder into your new .38 Special load to actually move your pin off the table) before our next match on August 6th. Until then, celebrate or weep over this month’s results posted below for your viewing pleasure. Steven Category Rank Shooter String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 Total Fastest String Carbine 1 Art Schoner 5.53 2.89 4.24 2.78 15.44 2.78 2 Cort Tompkins 3.69 4.92 3.50 4.12 16.23 3 Taylor Strickland 4.36 4.65 3.22 4.46 16.69 4 Steven Gordon 4.46 2.99 6.26 4.25 17.96 5 Corbett Allen 10.56 7.94 10.62 11.28 40.40 6 Courtney Bolze 7.35 5.81 35.00 3.63 51.79 7 Chris Covert 6.61 5.96 8.38 45.00 65.95 Major 1 Cort Tompkins 6.51 8.09 …

Freedom Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, We are having a Bowling Pin Match Saturday July 2nd at 9:30 AM at the pastoral Airfield Shooting Club range in stunning Wakefield Virginia because America. I can’t think of a better way to fire up the Fourth of July weekend that with your favorite guns and your favorite friends. I know that I will be debuting a new optical sight and reload for my 38 revolver. Anyone who has attended a match where I am trying something new can attest to the entertainment value in my overwhelming frustration in the next installment of “what else can go wrong.” That alone is worth the cost of admission. Rules for the match and directions to the range are available on our web site at Specific questions and concerns along with the more general insults may be hurled at See you at the range Steven

May Day Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, This Saturday, May 7th. is the next scheduled installment of the ever popular Airfield Shooting Club’s renown Bowling Pin Series, not sponsored by Smith & Wesson. Weather permitting, We will assemble at the range at 9:30 AM for setup and shooters brief. If you have yet to experience the bowling pin shooting life, match rules and instructions are easily found at If you have any questions about our match, please contact our assistant adjunct master pinhead at If you would like to sponsor our match or win without shooting well, please see our pinhead at the range with small, non sequentially numbered and unmarked currency. And I mean twenties, not nickels. Steven

April Fools Bowling Pin Match results

Gentle Shooters, We had a nice turnout and great weather for the Bowling Pin Match. Fifteen shooters participated and there were some noteworthy performances. The indomitable Charles Langford cruised to victory in the Five Gun standings after shooting an almost entirely clean match.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Dale Mullin turned in a scorching 3.35 second carbine string with a lever action gun. Way to go Cowboy! The rest of the more plebeian results are below for your viewing pleasure. We will do it again next month on Saturday, May 7th. See you then. Steven April 2022 Results

No Foolin’ April Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, You’d be a fool to miss this weekend’s 2022 season opening Bowling Pin match at the soon to be famous Airfield Shooting Club range in historic Wakefield. Ammunition is now more plentiful, so you have no reason not to attend. We will begin at 9:30 this Saturday, April 2nd. For information, rules, and directions, please see our web site at For specific questions, our associate, adjunct, chief pinhead is always ready with pithy advice of questionable quality at He isn’t all that bright, but the price is right! See you at the range Steven

Bowling Pin Match Results December 2021

Gentle Shooters, As I rode back home yesterday after the last match of the season, in my mind I had prepared a long, poetic reminiscence of another season of bowling pin shooting. However, it is going to be another beautiful day and the car is loaded for a trip to the sporting clays range. I’d love to stay and chat, but daylight is burning, so here are your scores and I will see you in April, or around the range before. Practice up, because I will be! Here are your results. Steven Category Rank Shooter String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 Total Fastest String Carbine 1 Steven Gordon 3.58 3.98 5.46 2.52 15.54 2.52 2 Art Schoner 5.15 5.00 2.91 2.62 15.68 3 Courtney Bolze 4.39 4.19 5.19 3.62 17.39 4 Frank Sanders 7.55 6.35 7.11 6.24 27.25 5 Taylor Strickland 11.15 6.65 9.55 6.39 33.74 Major 1 Terry Miltier 4.32 8.40 4.10 5.93 22.75 4.10 2 Art Schoner 5.94 7.91 5.82 7.15 26.82 3 Steven Gordon 5.56 14.36 10.17 5.68 35.77 4 Courtney Bolze 11.72 8.92 25.00 11.47 57.11 5 Taylor Strickland 10.43 11.26 25.00 25.00 71.69 Minor NFS Terry Miltier 7.03 4.30 6.35 6.35 24.03 1 …

December Bowling Pin Match

Well Gentle Shooters, We are approaching the end of another season of Bowling Pins. As many of our experienced shooters know, the coating on the pins does not hold up in the cold winter months. So this Saturday, December 4th will be our last match until April. We will begin at 9:30 at the stunning Airfield Shooting Club range in idyllic Wakefield. Directions to the range and rules for the match are available at our web site and individual questions can be addressed to the pinhead at See you Saturday, Steven

November Bowling Pin Results

Gentle Shooters, Today was just a nice day to share some camaraderie and pelt pins at the range. It only started to rain after we finished. Thanks to everyone who came out today. We will have one more match to close out our season Saturday, December 4th. Our results from the match are posted below. Steven Category Rank Shooter String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 Total Fastest String Carbine 1 Steven Gordon 2.64 3.29 3.86 4.61 14.40 2.64 2 Art Schoner 4.46 3.62 3.34 4.05 15.47 3 Brian Wells 3.15 3.24 5.44 5.32 17.15 4 Dale Mullin 8.35 4.73 4.32 5.96 23.36 5 Taylor Strickland 4.86 8.12 9.76 7.36 30.10 Major 1 Brian Howell 5.76 5.92 6.28 4.97 22.93 2 Steven Gordon 4.72 7.56 5.57 10.62 28.47 4.72 3 Taylor Strickland 4.99 5.43 11.05 7.57 29.04 4 Brian Wells 7.58 6.37 5.46 25.00 44.41 5 Dale Mullin 10.34 12.36 45.00 35.00 102.70 6 David Magoon 45.00 35.00 55.00 55.00 190.00 Minor 1 Brian Howell 4.91 6.77 6.68 6.85 25.21 4.91 2 Steven Gordon 6.06 6.90 6.87 7.32 27.15 3 Paul Lynch 12.07 25.00 13.76 6.63 57.46 4 Dale Mullin 25.00 12.53 10.42 35.00 82.95 NFS Paul Lynch 12.69 …

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