Last Pin Match of 2022 this Saturday

Gentle Shooters, We end another successful year of bowling pin shooting this Saturday, December 3rd at 9:30 AM at the Airfield Shooting Club Range in scenic Wakefield, VA. We are expecting a beautiful late fall day. If you miss this match, our next one will not be until April 2023. We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so it could be even longer.  If you need directions or rules for the match, find them at For specific questions, contact our resident adjunct chief pinhead at Steven

Bowling Pin Smack Down Shoot Results

Gentle Shooters, For once, we encountered gentle weather in November and our 16 shooters made the most of it. There were some truly wonderful scores posted including a perfect run by Cort Tompkins. He left no pins standing through all five disciplines, easily besting all comers for five gun. The last match of the 2022 season is Saturday, December 3rd. After that, the guns of our bowling pin alley will be quiet until April. Your results are below. Steven 2022 November Results

Bowling Pin Smackdown

Gentle Shooters, If you are a bowler or a pin shooter, you know the humiliation, the horror, and the 15 seconds that a standing bowling pin can exact on a person. This Saturday morning, at 9:30 at the Airfield Shooting Club range in scenic Wakefield, Virginia, you, yes you, can strike back. Bring your wrath, your handguns and carbines, and your skills to Sussex County November 5th. We have directions and rules for the match at Specific questions go to the pinhead at Go ahead, ask him anything, but remember he is a pinhead. Steven

Labor Day Bowling Pin Match Results

Gentle  Shooters, We had another nice turnout at our Bowling Pin Match this weekend. Seventeen shooters braved a group of dastardly targets, highlighted by pins wearing what must have been green body armor. That is my story for my scores and I sticking to it. There was a lot of humidity and it appeared to rust up more than one trigger finger. Our toasty, hot weather scores are posted below for your viewing pleasure. Our next match is October 1st. Steven 2022 September ASC Pin Match Results

Labor Day Weekend Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, Start your Labor Day Weekend off with a bang. Quite a few of them actually. The Airfield Shooting Club will host its monthly bowling pin match this Saturday, September 3rd at 9:30 AM at the inspiring ASC Shooting Club range in idyllic Wakefield. Watch as yet another new 38 Special load fails me in a spectacular fashion. No, it could not be the shooter! Find out for yourself this Saturday. For information about the match see our web site Please direct an specific questions to our local pinhead resource group at See you Saturday. Steven

Dog Days Bowling Pin Match Results

Gentle Shooters, We had a nice mix of veteran and new shooters at the match this month. Overcast conditions made shooting much more tolerable than expected for August. Thanks to all of our veteran shooters who pitched in with timing and scoring duties to get all of the competitors in and us off the range in a timely manner. Our next match is Labor Day Weekend Saturday September 3rd. until then, celebrate or weep over the scores below. Airfield Shooting Club Bowling Pin Match Results August 6, 2022 Category Rank Shooter String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 Total Fastest String Carbine 1 Cort Tompkins 3.17 3.73 3.13 3.59 13.62 3.13 2 Taylor Strickland 4.05 5.86 3.19 3.23 16.33 3 Steven Gordon 5.27 3.85 6.18 4.34 19.64 4 Brian Wells 3.31 25.00 3.55 25.00 56.86 5 Allen Moran 10.68 4.75 4.64 45.00 65.07 Major 1 Paul Lynch 8.86 6.62 5.99 7.49 28.96 5.99 2 Cort Tompkins 13.89 8.62 6.78 12.26 41.55 3 Steven Gordon 8.50 11.75 9.38 13.36 42.99 4 Brian Wells 8.06 7.41 25.00 8.67 49.14 5 Tip Wight 6.54 25.00 5.23 25.00 61.77 6 Allen Moran 45.00 9.61 6.76 10.99 72.36 Minor 1 Allen Moran 11.25 6.66 …

Dog Days Bowling Pin Match

Gentle Shooters, How about attending a fun match this Saturday Morning. If you have never been to a bowling pin match, you have the opportunity to fix that this very Saturday, August 6th at 9:30. The matches are action packed and a lot of fun. Basically, you shoot full size bowling pins off a table with handguns at 25 feet with the shortest amount of time winning. There are reduced targets for .22 and we even shoot pistol caliber carbines. More information on the matches can be found here. The match is at the Airfield Shooting Club range in Wakefield. For directions, see our about page. For specific questions about our match, please email our resident adjunct chief assistant pinhead at See you Saturday, Steven  

Freedom Bowling Pin Match Results

Warm and Gentle Shooters, It definitely was the Fourth of July weekend at the range and shall we say the temperature didn’t disappoint. Regardless, out intrepid shooters fired 235 strings today with a large number of five gun competitors. I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a shout out to one of our original match directors, Cort Tompkins, who dropped by today to shoot the match. We have five Saturday’s in July, meaning you have an extra week to practice (or get enough gunpowder into your new .38 Special load to actually move your pin off the table) before our next match on August 6th. Until then, celebrate or weep over this month’s results posted below for your viewing pleasure. Steven Category Rank Shooter String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 Total Fastest String Carbine 1 Art Schoner 5.53 2.89 4.24 2.78 15.44 2.78 2 Cort Tompkins 3.69 4.92 3.50 4.12 16.23 3 Taylor Strickland 4.36 4.65 3.22 4.46 16.69 4 Steven Gordon 4.46 2.99 6.26 4.25 17.96 5 Corbett Allen 10.56 7.94 10.62 11.28 40.40 6 Courtney Bolze 7.35 5.81 35.00 3.63 51.79 7 Chris Covert 6.61 5.96 8.38 45.00 65.95 Major 1 Cort Tompkins 6.51 8.09 …

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