March 2nd Work Party / Calling all Pinheads to build new tables

March 2nd, at 9am, will be a chance to get your service hours complete before the renewal period starts.

We will be having a work party to build replacement frames for the ranges and to build the pin tables for the upcoming bowling pin season commencing in April. You Pinheads know who you are that shot up all the tables. Also, general range cleanup will be accomplished. We will need leaf blowers, power saws(table saw and/or miter saw), power drills and general hand tools for the projects. We will also need some extension cords to run from the building as power is currently limited at the SRB/50. A bonus would be a power washer to cleanup the concrete at the range and the bathrooms and also the doors on the building. There will be some other small jobs planned if time allows.

If you have any questions or have specific skills or tools please reach out to me.


ASC Maintenance Officer

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