Work Party and Range Repair Update

Range Repair Update

In Phase One, the lead remediation company is scheduled to arrive and begin work on Wednesday April 12. Their work should take one week. Phase 2 includes rebuilding and expanding the SRB, as well as work on both the 50 yd and 100m berms. If all goes well, phase 2 will begin immediately after Phase 1 is completed. Phase 2 should take 2 weeks. I’m going to close both ranges from April 12 until May 10 to account for any delays, including, but not limited to our variable spring weather. As the times approach and the work progresses, I will keep everyone informed and update the calendar. Hopefully the work is done before May 10, but I’d hate to have something scheduled and then not have the ranges available. Unless I post otherwise, the shotgun fields will be closed during the week while work in in progress for the workers safety. The shotgun fields SHOULD be open on the weekend.

Work Party

It’s also time for a spring-cleaning work party and for us to clean up the vegetation on and around our berms. We will be giving the wall its annual coat of sealant. If anyone has, or has access to a wood chipper/shredder please let me know, as I don’t think we should be dumping any longer.

Items we will need include, but are not limited to:

Pressure washers
Pressure washer surface cleaners
Water Host
Leaf blowers
Hedge trimmers
Brush cutters (string edgers aren’t really up for the task)

I know this is last minute, but I was just given the above work schedule, and this work needs to be completed prior to their arrival. To allow our church going members to attend, the party will start this Sunday April 2 at 1:00 PM. Don’t forget extra batteries or 2 cycle fuel for your tools! Are my snake loving friends available?

If you have a chipper/shredder, or any questions send me an email at

I hope to see you Sunday!

Art Schoner
ASC Maint. Officer

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