ASC 2020-2021 Club Renewals

Hello ASC Members.

Your 2020-2021 renewal forms have been sent out.
Most of you will receive it via email.  If you don’t see it, check your spam/ junk folder. Sometimes it gets stuck in there.
A few of you will get it via U.S. mail. Should be a few days depending on the U.S. mail.
If you have any problems or questions, Please contact

** Renewal Due Date **

You will have from March 31st to June 1st to pay your membership dues and other costs owed to ASC.
If you pay your membership dues after June 1st through August 31st there will be a penalty fee of $25.00.

After September 1st, you will be required to re-join the club.
This will include attending a board meeting, redoing member orientation, reviewing club rules and regulations, and paying prorated dues as well as the $50.00 initiation fee.

The ASC gate combination will be changed after the April Board of Directors meeting.
You will receive a new membership card and combination(s) after your invoice is paid and requirements are met.

If you are not renewing your ASC Membership this year, Please email the  to let us know.

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