Work Party Reminder Sunday Nov 5th

Just a reminder that we will be having a work party this coming Sunday Nov 5th at 9am. We will be building all new frames for the SRB, 25M, 50M and the 100. We will also be working on removing the brush from both sides of the berm for the 100/shotgun range. On the 100 we need to replace the removable rails. General clean up of the range will also occur.

We will need general carpentry tools but we will need a table saw and a miter saw to make the frames. A router with a round over bit is also needed for the removable rails at the 100. If anyone would like to bring a pressure washer, we will have the attachments to clean the concrete pads and sidewalks. Chainsaws, poles saws and loppers will be needed for clearing the berm. We are getting a chipper/shredder to make quick work of the debris from the berm. Please bring work boots, gloves and eye protection for all the work.

All the ranges will be shut down at 9am for the work party. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the range to assist.



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