NSSA Skeet Shoot – on 21 – 23 October.

The semi-annual NSSA registered skeet shooting competition will be held at the Airfield Shooting Club on 21 – 23 October.

The competition will have four (4) categories (guns):  12 Ga, 20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410 bore, and Doubles.

There will be a cash prize for first place in each category.

The cost is $25 per gun.

In order to participate you please notify intent to shoot (day, gun, etc.) and be a member of NSSA.  Walkups are subject to waiting and possibly shifting to Sunday or Monday.

On the day of the shoot you will need:

1.    Cash or check for $25 for each gun. Checks are to be payable to Airfield Shooting Club

2.    NSSA membership card. You may join the NSSA at the shoot, the yearly membership is $30.00

3.    Classification Sheet.

The competition will allow mixed guns each day so you may compete on any of the 3 days.  Once we have all shooters sending their preferences, a draft schedule will be made available to all.

Ties for Gun Championships will be decided by long runs from the front or back whichever is longer.

Email day(s), gun(s), NSSA number and address to:


Additionally, if anyone needs to get their service hours in, I will be asking for help refereeing, scoring and trapping.  Let me know which days (Saturday and/or Sunday) you can work.  Past volunteers or experienced skeet shooters preferred.

Jon Lester

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