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The Black Flags are Down! The work on both of the ranges is completed. The 50-yard and 100-meter ranges are open for normal operations. Thanks to a few very hard-working members we were able to complete the frame holders (PVC) at 15’, 20’.30’, 25,and 50-yard distances. Lane 10, in front of the south wall of the SRB is permanently closed and should never be used under any conditions. Lane 11, immediately to the right of 10, is restricted for use only during rimfire challenge matches.

The reconstruction of the SRB has allowed us to improve the capability of the range. One of the areas that we have improved is the leveling of the ground between the firing points and the berm. Because of this, we can use the same size frame for all distances. As a result, we will be adding more PVC pipe in the ground to accommodate different shooting standards. With the modifications we have changed the rules for the SRB, which only allowed shooting at certain distances to now allowing Target Frames to be placed anywhere there is PVC pipe in the ground.

With the SRB, you are reminded to pay special attention to where your round is going to end up in the berm. Please make sure that your targets are placed in a proper location on the backer to ensure your rounds impact in the lower half of the berm.

It’s that time of year and the combinations to the locks (gate, sign in shed, skeet, and trap) as well as the bathroom doors have all been updated. Use the combinations provided on your new membership card. If you submitted your renewal form and made your payment, but haven’t received your new membership card, contact the club secretary at secreatary@airfieldshootingclub.org. Please don’t contact me, as I’m not in the loop as to anyone else’s renewal status.

Art Schoner

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