We’ll have our spring frame and Bowling Pin Table work party this coming Saturday February 26th at 10:00. We will build 7 bowling pin tables and replace the SRB target frames. Some other frames require some repair, but not replacement. We will need at least one table saw to rip the lower cross member of the frames. Some miter saws and drills/drivers should do the rest. If you have Torx drivers, bring T20 through T30.

We will be working on the 50-yard range and the hundred will remain open, except for time to retrieve and replace frames for repair. Given sufficient turn out we should be done by noon.

I also need volunteers to get service hours for shooting! The wood for the work above will be delivered sometime Friday. I won’t know more about scheduling until late Thursday or Friday morning. I’d like 2 volunteers to cover all day Friday. One from 8 until 12, and the other from 12 until 4. You’re free to shoot, or just lounge around. I just need the range open and someone to accept the delivery. If you’re interested, please contact me via email at

Thanks, and see you on the range.

Art Schoner

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