VA Legislative Activity January 21

One of our members asked if we could pass this along, doing so with the boards consensus:
The Public Safety Committee of the Virginia House of Delegates will meet @9am Friday morning. Several anti-gun bills are on the agenda. The following link will allow you to see them and either sign up to speak via phone/computer or to submit written comments:

Suggested comments from a VCDL alert when the bills were in sub-committee:

HB1909 – School Boards are offices with adult workers in them, just like thousands of offices across the Commonwealth. It makes no sense to treat them as if they were a school with children in them.

HB1992 – This bill expands the number of things that qualify as misdemeanor domestic violence beyond what the federal government uses to take away gun rights. There is no provision to restore rights in the bill and it would create a lifetime ban on gun ownership for a mere misdemeanor. From a gun-rights perspective under this bill, the person charged would be better off seriously harming the other person and getting a felony conviction, from which their gun-rights could eventually be restored.

HB2128 – This bill could make a person wait up to five business days for a background check approval, which would take more pressure off the government to do a timely background check. The promise to gun owners is that the background check system is supposed to be an INSTANT CHECK, not a five-day waiting period check, which, with weekends/holidays could be up to NINE-days in realtime. The current three days is more than sufficient.

HB2276 – This bill was written without a clear understanding of the current law on homemade guns for a person’s own use, which has been legal since America’s founding. Besides banning personally-made guns completely, the bill makes the owners of such guns instant criminals, even if the owner had applied directly to the ATF for a serial number and put the serial number on the gun.

HB2295 – A solution in search of a problem. There has been no events that justify stripping the very people represented by the General Assembly of their right to self-defense. Citizens have been carrying on Capitol grounds and buildings for years responsibly and without incident.

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