ASC Email Changes and Bylaws Update

Some of you may have noticed our last email didn’t work quite right, after much testing it looks like the provider we were using was actively removing our links. We later found out that they suspended VA CDL’s service due to their political views. That being said we will be working on moving off from that platform rather quickly.


We will be attempting to simply host the mechanisms that send out email ourselves. What this means for you is:

  1. We will be sending email in a “newsletter” fashion, meaning each day if there is new information the website will roll that up and send it on out.
  2. The system will send 100 emails at a time, which means after posting an item to the site it could take a few hours for all members to receive it.
  3. Certain key emails may still be manually sent, but in general this new workflow is designed to avoid getting us blocked by spam filters and email security mechanisms.
  4. Please bear with us, we are making this change rather quickly due to a real need to get off from Mailchimp, as such we may experience some issues. If you notice anything or have feedback please email
  5. Initially you may notice in the emails that you only see a portion of articles, if you click the link below it’ll take you to the site with the entire post. We’re going to work on resolving this.


In preparation for any additional attempts at impacting our ability to communicate to members the board also established a standing webmaster budget, that way if our service provider was to discontinue service we could quickly find an alternative one.


We have updated the club Bylaws to reflect a resolution made by the Board at today’s board meeting to add a yearly budget to the webmaster.  The Bylaws have been updated to reflect this passed resolution.  We have also added a revision page to make it easier to see what has changed.

*Note that this email will be sent using both Mailchimp and the self hosted solution. This should be the last email you receive with both methods.

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