ASC Defensive Pistol match training session

We do not have a sufficient number of shooters for a regular ASC Defensive Pistol match, and will hold a training session instead.

We will set up stages or individual props to practice specific skills (such as shooting on the move, engaging moving targets, transitions, shooting from cover etc.) based on shooters’ interests.
We will time each other and use safety officers like in a regular match.

We ask shooters to contribute a fee of $5 to offset costs for consumables and targets.

We encourage you to bring a pistol-caliber carbine if you own one which will give you the option for training some tactical carbine shooting.
No prior experience is required and is open to anyone that wants to participate.

Set-up will begin at 8:45 am. We will likely wrap up in the early afternoon, around 2 pm. You can join us any time.

Any queations or need more info please contact Jeff or Tanja at