New Rifle Match Opportunities

Expanding opportunities for high power sports—traditional service rifles, modern sporters and the coming zombie apocalypse

Starting in November 2014, highpower modern sporting rifle and service rifle participants will have two venues to shoot; Traditional Service Rifle (using CMP rules) or the new Zombie Rifle Match (see attached article).

The Airfield Shooting Club’s (ASC) primary mission is to “promote safety and shooting education” for members and non-member guests. Since taking the primary role of directing our monthly matches, a number of ASC members have talked to me and raised a number of issues that should be addressed or clarified. This article will highlight three main areas of concern that I have heard from participants in our “Service Rifle.” It is the intent that addressing these three main issues, it will allow ASC members to have greater knowledge, and feel more inclusive to our monthly event. The three main areas of concerns we will address: 1. Is “Service Rifle” just a Civilian Marksmanship Program event?; 2. What if I am not an owner of a CMP sanctioned rifle?, and finally, 3. What opportunities do I have if I am a high-power shooter wanting to shoot in a completive event, but not a CMP-like Service Rifle Match?