Pistol Marksmanship 101 – Nov 18th

What:  This 4 hour pistol shooting class will be a for fine tuning the basics of marksmanship with a handgun.  We will progress from the very basics improving your fundamentals into starting to push speed vs accuracy.  We will also explore two hand vs one hand shooting. This is open to members and their family.  Spots will be limited so before paying please contact Scott Sampson at Instructor@airfieldshootingclub.org to reserve your spot today.

When: Nov 18, 1 to 5 pm


We will cover the following:

Review of Fundamentals (30 min):

  • Aiming (sight picture/sight alignment/focus)
  • Trigger control (where to place finger/how to press)
  • Breath Control
  • Hold control – (grip)
  • Follow Thorough

Precision shooting – slow fire (two handed) (45 min ~80 rounds):

  • Work on shooting tight groups focusing on fundamentals – targets at 10 or 15’
    • Blank target
    • Then a NRA qual target – complete a qual level
    • Then an AP2 target – just to give a target for them to look at (when we don’t them to focus on it
    • Dot target – Challenge drill

One handed shooting – Slow fire (45 min ~40 rounds) – target at 10 or 15’

  • Shoot the NRA qualification target again one handed
  • If they finish early shoot with support hand.

Work on foundation – control (30 min ~ 50 rounds):

  • Wall Drill – Dryfire – (centerfire only)
  • One live fire. One dry fire Drill – (centerfire only)
  • Ball & Dummy
  • Trigger Reset Drill

Work on multiple shots (1 hour ~ 80-120 rounds)

  • Review stance and support of the gun
  • Recoil drill
  • Trigger Press Timing drill – 1 shot every 1 sec (4 x), 1 shot every ½ sec (4x). 4 shots as quickly as you can.
  • 1,2,3,3,2,1 Drill
  • Speed vs accuracy (big target to small target) Drill

If time allows we will cover an introduction to Red Dots

Students will need:

  • Handgun
  • Approximately 250-300 rounds
  • Consider a magazine loader
  • Recommend 4 magazines but can do with less
  • Eyes and Ears

Cost is $25/person

Payment is required via the payment portal using the note Marksmanship 101

If you have no membership number please enter 7777

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