Range Repair Update

Good afternoon folks!

The board just finished its February board meeting and we are happy to announce that we think we have a path forward.  The board approved two contracts to conduct necessary range repair/maintenance.  The first contract we need to execute is for the removal of the lead from the berms.  This contract is expected to be awarded to a company, MT2 to facilitate.  The 2nd contract is to a company for the repair of the Short Range Berm and build up of the 50yd and 100m ranges.

The removal of lead is required before we can repair the berms for a number of reasons. The repair cannot start until the lead removal is complete. Because the Airfield Conference Center actually own the property we need our proposal to approved their Board.  The new Director of the Center was present at our meeting and will try to get it completed next week.  She is in agreement with the ASC Board’s direction.

We don’t have specific dates as this is just breaking.  We are hoping to have MT2 out in March to remove the lead.  We are hoping to know dates next week or perhaps early the following week.  It is our hope that once we have dates we can coordinate that with the repair company to come in shortly after that.  The repair contractor has indicated that it should take about 2 weeks to complete their work.

Please note that once the lead removal starts, the SRB, 50 and 100 will be closed until the repairs are complete.  We cannot use the berms between the lead removal and the repair.  We apologize in advance for the closure and the delay for getting to this point.  It has been painful.  The board believes that in the end, the range will be in much better condition resulting in a safer, environmentally compliant  and more enjoyable shooting experience.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the board.

Thank you for your patience!



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