URGENT – SRB Closed until further Notice

After careful consideration, the board has decided to close the Short Range Berm (SRB) until further notice due to safety concerns.  The wear and tear on the berm has finally exceed the allowable safety margins and we must close it until repairs can be made.  The board is currently looking to repair the berm while performing some improvements.  The board was working on some solutions, but this has accelerated the effort significantly.

The intent is to reach out to some contractors on Monday, while we draft up specifications for our needed scope of work.  The intent is to meet with folks in the beginning of Dec some time to walk through the modifications desired to establish quotes.  After that we are at the mercy of the contractor’s schedule once we select them.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is in all of our interest to stay safe and be a responsible gun range.

Last Updated on 2 months by Mike Lawler

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