Interested in a fun day at the range!

Save the date for Sun, July 17th. The schedule for the next Rimfire Benchrest Challenge is on the calendar. Test or challenge your shooting skills in a friendly bench rest shooting event following a modified version of the ARA Benchrest Shooting Competition targeting six (twenty-five) bull targets. We are scheduling a morning match 8:30 am -12:00 pm and if there are enough interested parties, we will have an afternoon match (1:00 pm – 4:00). Each competition limited to ten (10) shooters on the 25 – 50-yard ranges. Reserve your bench for either the morning or afternoon shoot by contacting Thomas at or text/call 757-653-4850, please no calls after 9 PM.

Opens sights/ red optics will shoot at the 25-yard line, all others will shoot at the 50-yard line. Factory and Unlimited or open rules apply.

Cost is $5 – ASC Members, $10 – Non-Members. Rules and additional rimfire information posted on website> “Club Programs” under Rimfire Challenge. All participants must attend the Safety Meeting to shoot!

Sunrise—8:30 Range Setup/Sighting in Period

8:30—8:50 Safety Meeting/Instructions (All participants must attend the Safety Meeting to shoot)

8:50—9:00 Range is Cold/Target Scoring

9:00—9:20 Range is Hot/ 1st Relay

9:20—9:30 Range is Cold/Targets & Scoring

9:30—9:50 Range is Hot/2nd Relay

9:50—10:00 Range is Cold/Targets & Scoring

10:00—10:20 Range is Hot/3rd Relay

10:20—10:30 Range is Cold/Targets & Scoring 4th, 5th, 6th Relays …

Afternoon Competition follows the same format.

***25 – 50 Meter Range Closed for this Event*** 

We are asking for volunteers RSO, Score Keepers, and Volunteers to help set up the range to hold the event. (Service hours eligible)

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