Online Training Session Feb 25th at 7pm : Situational Awareness

Hello Fellow ASC Members!

I am Scott Sampson the Chief Instructor at Airfield Shooting club.  I have decided to conduct small training sessions via the web.  I am hoping to conduct these once a month.  The sessions will last 30 min, maybe a little longer for some topics.  I will hold these during the week in the evening.

To join the training session, all you need to do is click on the link below to join at the prescribed time.  I will be hosting the event, and for the majority of them I will be sharing PowerPoints and/or live video for demonstrations.

WHEN: This first session will be held on Feb 25th at 7pm.

TOPIC:  Situational Awareness

Join us for a discussion on situational awareness.  We will cover

  • Jeff Copper’s Color codes
  • How situational awareness impacts your response to a potential or real threat
  • Situational awareness strategies/rules to live by when you carry

When it’s time click on the link below!

See you online!


Scott Sampson

ASC Chief Instructor

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