Shooter Tune up Reminder August 29th

Good afternoon fellow members!

Reminder that August 29th  is our next Shooter Tune Up!  It’s FREE.  It is open to all members and their immediate family.

Tired of being inside due to COVID, come on out and get some fresh air!  The session will go from 1000-1200.  Our own Fletcher Dunton will be conducting a rifle session.  We encourage you all come on out with your rifle (doesn’t matter what type) and Fletch will help you get more out of it.

What some of our participants said about us:

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed our shooter tune-up session at the Airfield shooting club! “
  • “I appreciate the hands-on demo.”
  • “Thanks for taking the time and making everything easy to understand.”

We look forward to seeing you!


Scott Sampson


Chief Instructor

ASC #762

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