ASC Social Media/Member Interaction

At the members meeting a few members asked if we could expand opportunities to interact with other club members online. Of course both of these options are optional and just a means to interact with one another.
The ASC Facebook group is now private, and only verified members are within. You can get there by going here ( ) . When joining it should prompt and ask for your member number. We’ll only be allowing members in this group. If you don’t supply your member number as a response to the question your request will be rejected.
I also added a forum to the website. Registration may take a bit as reviewing people signing up are actually members is a manual process but it is much more private than Facebook. Facebook isn’t known to be open to pro 2A conversations, or advertising of such events/goods. You can sign up for the ASC Member Forum here: . Once you’re there click register in the top left and register away.
Initially there aren’t many members in either service, but over time we should see more activity. If you should have any issues obtaining access to either please let me know via email to

Last Updated on 3 months by Jon Welters