Letter from Club President | COVID-19 Status

Dear Members,

As fellow shooters we recognize the enjoyment of shooting and the hardship that closing the range causes for our members. However, the COVID-19 virus has proven to be deadly and at this time there is still much which we do not know about it. Medical professionals have made it clear that they and their facilities will be quickly overwhelmed if we are not able to slow the spread of the virus.
We have already had at least one situation where club members may have been exposed to the virus. Both are presently nearing the end of their 14 day post-exposure quarantine period and at present it appears that they were not infected. However, we cannot always count on such good fortune.
It appears that the virus can remain viable for relatively long periods of time on objects which we might come into contact with during routine use of the range. Many of our members are in the high-risk category. Even members who are not in the high-risk category may have family members who may be at higher risk. At this point we are hearing reports of people dying from the virus who were reported to be healthy and strong and NOT in a high-risk group.

The ASC Board has considered many factors and the many unknowns and thinks that the prudent thing to do is to close the range, at least until more is known about the virus and its spread. Rest assured that we too would like to reopen the range as soon as we can do so without undue concerns about contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

Membership renewals – we have received some emails saying that sending out our membership renewals at this time was in bad taste if we were going to close the range. The membership renewals are required per our by-laws to be sent out during this time. We regret the unfortunate coincidence.
Again we recognize the challenges during this difficult time for everyone. We understand this decision is not popular. We are attempting to act in good faith and are thinking about the safety of our members, the welfare of our club and our responsibilities to the communities where we live. We will reopen as soon as it is safe and prudent.

/Raymond Covington/
Board President AirField Shooting Club

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