ASC Range Closed Effective 03/27/2020 PM

ASC Members,

The ASC board made the difficult decision to close the range for access,and shooting by all members effective tonight 03/27/2020 when we will change the combinations to prevent access. The ASC board is carefully reviewing the overall situation with COVID-19 and will continue to assess the appropriateness of opening the range for use. The safety of our members, lack of services to maintain the restroom facilities, and overall COVID-19 situation contributed to our decision making.I will send a notice to the club should the situation change. Please keep an eye on the website, your email and the range calendar for up to date information.

The ASC board did not make this decision lightly, and feel at this time it’s the right choice.

Members that access the range after it’s locked, and receiving this notice will be considered in violation of the closure and will face disciplinary action up to and including removal from the club.

If you have questions about this decision you can email, or the board at

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