Shooter Tune Up – Rifle

Good Evening,

Sorry for the short notice but we holding another Shooter Tune up this Saturday at 10 am. This one will be focused on Rifle! Our own Fletcher Dunton will be hosting this event on the 50 yd range. Depending on the need of the participants he will be going over two distinct marksmanship skills:

1. Basic Rifle Sight-In:

This will include checking and adjusting the scope eye relief, parallax, level, mounts and bore for correctness, and basic bore sight before sending lead down range. Then correct sight in procedure will be covered. Please bring your own rifle to practice on.

2. Precision Rifle Shot Fundamentals:

This will include a review of the classic 5 shooting fundamentals. The focus will be to provide instructions and feedback to give each shooter solid techniques to walk away from the morning with tighter groups.

We hope to see you there. For awareness, the Shooter Tune Ups will be schedule every time there is a 5th Saturday of the month. These are located on the calendar and will vary in the topic we are covering.

See you on the firing line!