Virginia Gun Rights: A Call To Pens !


Fellow Members of ASC, as we are sure you are aware the last election did not go our way as gun owners.  The newly elected officials for 2020 are already proposing draconian laws that in some cases will make most of us felons (Class 6 – minimum 5 year prison term) with the stroke of pen unless we turn in our firearms.  The time to act was during the election, but now it is imperative that we rise up and make our voices heard and pray that it is not too late.

Many of the cities that our members live in are having 2A Sanctuary City votes and discussions.  At this point the resolution may mean little legally, however it does send a message to Richmond that we the people are not going to stand for our rights to be infringed.  Time is of the essence.  There are already 20 cities/counties that have passed 2A Sanctuary Resolutions, but we have a long way to go.  If your city/county has not yet had a 2A Sanctuary City Resolution vote we would like to encourage you to contact your city or county representatives and let them know your concerns and fears and why a vote in a positive manner is needed.  The following cities have meetings on the 2A Sanctuary resolution.  We strongly encourage you to attend these meetings if you reside in their city and make your voices heard politely and respectfully.

Virginia Beach – Dec 3rd

Chesapeake – Dec 10th

It is also important for you to become educated on these extreme measures that are being proposed by the VA congress and respond politely and professionally to your representative.  Many of us have left the fight up to organization like NRA and Virginia Citizens Defense League to fight this effort, but they need your help, they need your voice. The days ahead are troubling to say the least.  You can find more information on the following websites:

Https:// – NRA web site  Institute for Legislative Action

Https:// – Virginia Citizen’s Defense League

Https:// – State of Virginia proposed legislation

Per ASC’s By-laws, the clubs purpose is “…influence legislation to protect the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms”. Rest assured that action groups like Mom’s Demand Action are in full swing to ensure your rights are infringed.  If we are not successful in convincing legislators to abandon these horrendous bills, our way of life and our children’s way of life will be forever changed in VA.

We will try to keep you up to speed as best we can in the following weeks and months and let you about specific actions and events you can become involved with.


ASC Board of Directors

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