Defensive Pistol Match 31 May 2014

The first Defensive Pistol Match of the year is this Saturday.

We will have four stages and the course of fire is attached as a pdf below.

Set-up will begin at 8 am. 

We hope there will be a good turn-out. In order to decrease wait times, there will be three different squads. Please be there at the designated time; each squad will begin with a match brief. The only stage walk-through will be at 10 am. If you cannot make it, please read the stage descriptions and talk to the other shooters. If the shooter is not “ready” when walking up to the line, the on-deck shooter will shoot instead, so that the first shooter has additional time to review the stage. We need to work expeditiously to minimize wait times, and we need help from all with pasting and resetting.

Squad 1: 10:00 am

Squad 2: 12:00 pm

Squad 3: 2:00 pm 

Please email me your squad preference and indicate a second choice.

Respond to this email or send your preferred squad to idpa@airfieldshootingclub.orgEmail sign-in will close on Friday, May 30, at 12 noon.

Walk-ins are welcome, but may encounter longer wait times.

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