We’re Back – The Excuse Free Bowling Pin Match June 3

Gentle Shooters,

Like you, I am giddy with anticipation for the first match of the painfully delayed 2023 Pin Shooting season. That pain resolves on June 3rd. There has never been an ASC match like the one we are going to hold. The Excuse Free match will begin at 9:30 AM in pastoral Wakefield Virginia at the newly renovated Airfield Shooting Club’s 50 meter shooting complex. Shooters can expect a completely flat, dry and level range with brand new flat tables, aligned in three dimensions to within mere centimeters of true. The pins for this match have been curated from some of the finest dumpsters in the 757. Your perfectly placed impacts will vigorously remove these pins from these tables with ease. Likewise, you have had two extra months of practice, so your match directors are expecting record scores. All previous excuses are declared null and void for this match. You have one week to think up new ones!

Rules have not changed for this year and can be found at https://airfieldshootingclub.org/bowling-pin-rules-and-information/ Specific questions may directed at our assistant adjunct Pinhead 3rd class at stevengordon@cox.net. I’d be truly remiss if I didn’t say thanks to all of the club members that have shown up to help get the range back into shape. And a big shout out to our Maintenance Officer and my long time unindicted bowling pin co-conspirator Art Schoner for the man years of sweat equity it has taken to get the range back into shape.

See you Saturday


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