The 2020 Independence Day Bowling Pin Shoot

Yes Virginia, there is a bowling pin shoot. On July 4, 2020 we will gather at 9:30 AM for our inaugural 2020 Pin Match at the lovely ASC range in scenic Wakefield. Please bring a mask and work gloves for set up and take down. We will enforce social distancing on and off the line, but we expect to shoot without masks.

We are also expecting lots of laughs. Nobody’s eyesight got a lot better over the winter and most of us have not had time or facility to practice. The pins will mock us and lay sideways on the table like they always do. But the pins don’t talk. Don’t worry, your friends will be there and this is your opportunity to taunt them! The rules and directions have not changed and are available the ASC web site Your associate deputy chief pinhead has not changed either, so reach him with specific questions at

See you at the match,


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