December Bowling Pin Match Last Ever Carbine Match?

Well Gentle Shooters,

As I look back to last month, the biggest news for the pin match was that we had nice weather. Based on what we hear from the new leadership in the General Assembly, this month we hold what could be the last ever carbine bowling pin match at our range. Certainly pin matches will go on at the range. We have survived gun bans before and we can adapt the matches based on whatever legislation comes out of Richmond. But it just feels like this match will be special, kind of an old school throwback. I think we should all show up, plan to make a day of it. After the match, maybe a bunch of us go up the the Virginia Diner, who knows? Anyway, I do hope you will come out for our last match of the season. All of the normal particulars apply. We start at 9:30, rules and directions are on the web page and specific questions go to the aged and decrepit pinhead at

Hope to see you Saturday