BST Range Usage – RSO Positions Filled- Shotgun | April 15th 13:00-17:00

ASC Members,

I’ve updated to include the date of the event, that’s a bit important.

On Sunday April 15th, The 50 yard range and the shotgun range will be unavailable for club use from 13:00 – 1700 ET .

Two  RSO’s are requested to support a Boy Scout troop using the range.  One of the RSO’s must be shotgun qualified and able to RSO for the shotgun field.

We are still in need of an RSO to look after the shotgun range for this event. If you are interested please let me know. 

If you are interested in serving as RSO please send an email to One the two spots are taken I’ll update the title of this post on the website and notify the first to folks that respond.

Thank You,

Jon Welters – Webmaster ASC