ASC Defensive Pistol Matches

Airfield Defensive Shooting


A competition held on the 5th Saturday of the month on the short range berm and 50m range utilizing handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

 Shooters are placed in scenarios ranging from practical defense to the O.K. corral where multiple targets at varying ranges Will need to be engaged in a race against the clock while utilizing basic defensive skills such as use of cover, emergency reload, tactical reload, target sequencing, and target identification. Scoring for the match is time plus penalties, poor accuracy, missing targets, hitting no shoot targets, and procedural errors all will result in added time to the time of your initial run fastest time wins 


All you need to compete is a  handgun, holster, and three or more magazines or a rifle and three or more magazines or a shotgun and some ammo

Defensive Match Summary

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