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August Bowling Pin Match Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to the match today.  We had a fun day with weather conditions like you would expect in coastal Virginia in August. I would like to thank those of you who were able to stay till the end to assist with cleanup. The match results are posted. We will see you next month on September 2nd for the Labor Day match.


Independence Bowling Pin Shoot results

The results are in the books for July. This is where I normally point out how well people did and how close it was and all of that fluff. Well, many of you will note with some glee that our pinhead came in dead last on 5 gun. So I'll skip the pleasantries while I check my calendar for practice time before our August match on the 5th. See you then.


June Bowling Pin Match Results

We had the perfect day for Bowling Pins and we made the most of it. I would like to highlight that many of our matches we decided by the slimmest of margins. There were several contests that were won by less than a half of a second. Kudo's to all of our shooters. You turned in some great scores. We will get a chance to do it all over again on Saturday July 1st. See you then.


April Fools Bowling Pin Match

Thanks to all of our shooters that came out for the April Fool's Pin Match. It was nice to see everyone after the long winter layoff. We missed Match Director Courtney Bolze, who was off setting the woods of western Virginia on fire in preperation for the NASCAR race. Since we all know that a Bowling Pin Match isn't over until Courtney fires his cannon, I am posting these results as "provisional" until next month when the cannon can close the match.

See you at the range then!


December Bowling Pin Match Results

It can be an interesting perspective to come back to something that you enjoy after a time away. As our regular shooters know, I have been absent from most of the actual matches for the past several months. When I arrived to the December match, I had to look for a place to park. It is one thing to process a pile of entry sheets after the event. It is entirely different and quite satisfying to see twenty plus shooters at "your" little match. I say "your", but it really isn't mine any more. This match doesn't happen without Match Directors Courtney Bolze and Art Schoner.

November Bowling Pin Match Results

Thanks to all of our shooters for coming out this month. We had a great Match. If you missed it, we will have one more match on December 3rd, and then we take the cold months off, returing in April of 2017. Don't wait that long come, to the December match. Results are posted below. 


Dog Days Match Results

Thanks to all of our intrepid shooters who braved the heat to shoot pins. Special thanks to my co-match directors Art and Courtney for running a fun and safe contest. We had a nice turnout and shooters turned in some excellent times. We will see you next month at the Labor Day Weekend match.

Independence Bowling Pin Shoot Results

We had a strong turnout with almost twenty participants at the July Pin Match. Our intrepid group of shooters were met with almost perfect shooting conditions. While the road to the range experienced a washout due to the previous evening's storm, the range now drains quite well. The results from the match are listed below. We are getting a great mix of shooters now and if you have not tried you hand at pins, you should. Come on out on August 6. See you then.




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