Labor Day Bowling Pin Match

Greetings Gentle Shooters,

The Airfield Shooting Club is pleased to announce that we will hold our September Bowling Pin Match this Saturday, September 2nd at 9:30 at the ASC range in Wakefield. Details on the match and directions to the range are available at You may address specific questions to our adjunct senior associate pinhead at see you Saturday.


RSOs Needed 09/02

Good chance to get volunteer hours.

Need RSO for the 50yd range and the shotgun skeet range for September 2nd 15:30 to 18:30. Do not have to be NRA RSO just know our rules and how to operate the skeet range. Contact Mike at (757) 572-2835 

August Bowling Pin Match Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to the match today.  We had a fun day with weather conditions like you would expect in coastal Virginia in August. I would like to thank those of you who were able to stay till the end to assist with cleanup. The match results are posted. We will see you next month on September 2nd for the Labor Day match.


Yes Virginia, there is a Bowling Pin Match this weekend (North Carolina, too

The Airfield Shooting Club is pleased to announce our August Bowling Pin Match this Saturday the 5th. I would have announced this sooner, but I have been knee deep in shotguns and rifles. Therefore it is the perfect time to have a pistol match. In the words of the famous Tom Tyrell, "We have matches because there is no time to practice." So come out and humiliate me and see all of your friends beginning at 9:30 in the morning. Our rules and directions to the match are posted at

ASC Practical Pistol Match Saturday July 29th (No Practiscore)

Practiscore will not be used for this match, you can just show up. 


Airfield Shooting Club will hold an “IDPA like” match this coming Sat, 29 Jul 2017.  They have a web site giving directions and discussing this pistol match. We will be using the IDPA standards for procedures and firearms. Sign in starts at 0930 and shooting begins at 1000.  Set up begins at 0700 … could really use some help!


July Service Rifle Results

Greg Metzgar's picture

Despite the high temp and humidity, 10 participants showed up the montly Service Rifle Match held on 8 July 2017. There was a little breeze blowing which allowed the shooting jackets to not be so hot. We also welcomed back two folks who we've not seen in awhile, but we also missed a few of the "regulars." So mark your calendar, the next event will be on 12 August 2017, so oil up that Garand, or whatever you have and come on out! We start at 8:30am with the safety brief, but will accept members who are just "a little" late into the relays.

Independence Bowling Pin Shoot results

The results are in the books for July. This is where I normally point out how well people did and how close it was and all of that fluff. Well, many of you will note with some glee that our pinhead came in dead last on 5 gun. So I'll skip the pleasantries while I check my calendar for practice time before our August match on the 5th. See you then.



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