Renewals and Service Hours Notice

Hello ASC Members.

It’s almost ASC membership renewal time. Here are some items that need your attention.

Service Hours:
If you have performed some/any kind of service for the Club this past year, please email the secretary!
Include your Name, Member #, Date of Service, Service performed and Time you spent performing service.
This will help with calculation and processing of your membership dues in March, and avoid confusion when you receive your dues invoice.

Membership processing change:
The ASC membership year runs from April 1st of current year to March 31st of the following year.
Membership processing does not start until the 3rd week in March.  DO NOT PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES EARLY. Wait for your invoice.
We cannot tell you what you owe until everything is processed so please refrain from contacting the secretary and the Board early.
Most membership forms will go out via email. If you have problems receiving the membership form via email or printing it out, please let the Secretary know and we will try to assist you.

You will have from March 31st to June 1st to pay your membership dues and other costs owed to ASC.  Your membership will be considered lapsed if your payment is not received in full on or before June 1.  If your membership lapses, you will need to pay the current membership dues rate (now $100) plus the $50 initiation fee to renew your membership. 
If your membership has lapsed for more than one year, you will need to reapply and rejoin the Club and pay the current dues rate at the time (currently $100) plus any other costs and initiation fees required by the ASC.
Membership dues increase..
Starting April 1, 2019, all membership dues will increase to $100.  Dues for “non-lapsed” renewals for existing ASC members for the period of April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 shall remain $75.
Service hour requirements will still remain the same at 6 hours required per year and you will need to pay for any incomplete service hours at $10 per service hour not completed.

Thank you for attention to this notice and the changes stated above.
Any problems, questions etc... Please email the Secretary.

Mike Lawler
ASC Secretary